Experiences with (Es)ketamine

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#1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-10 21:59 🌎 rip

Has anyone ever tried Ketamine or Esketamine? Would you recommend it? What would I have to consider if I decided to try it?

#2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-11 21:24 🌎 rip

Ketamine is cool as shit. My experiences with it have been much more profound than the psychedelic highs I've tried (shrooms, DMT, LSD) and the body high/side effects are much, much more tolerable for me personally. I personally like that it's shorter lasting than K or some other psychedelics, but YMMV. Methoxetamine was really something special for doubling potency and the length of effects while halving (or more) the price per gram, but I digress...

Even if you don't hole, lower recreational doses are great for pain relief or just chilling. I'm sure you've heard about its anti-depressant effects so no need to get into that.

The three best ways to take it are snorting, oral, and IM injection.

> Snorting
This one is pretty simple. You take small bumps (eyeball works, scale too), wait to feel effects (they rise quickly, then plateau) and can re-up as needed. A minor recreational overdose is really just the k-hole which is the threshold of the lowest anesthetic use. You are very unlikely to overdose if you take small bumps until you find a nice groove to settle into. Maybe 15 minutes a wait is fine.

> Oral
Once you find an appropriate oral dose (and/or approximate a rough one using a bodyweight to dose table) , I would really recommend trying the oral trip. The dose is a bit higher and it takes a bit longer to hit, but the plateau lasts a bit longer.

> Intramuscular
This ROA is pretty stigmatized. I don't think it should be. "cooking" K in a in distilled water and giving a safe injection in muscle should pose trivial risk of infection. Just what a shame it is that people always cook the liquid vials of ketamine to the salts. Most ketamine enthusiasts agree this is the most reliable way to "break through" to the k-hole with high reliability


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