We have a few simple rules on this board to make this experiment fun.

One. Do not spam, make posts exessively, post hate speech, post hateful content, or post links to illegal or offensive content. The reason for this rule is that violations not only make this server less fun for its members, but because bad posts will also infect other servers.

Two. Try to partake in thoughtful or interesting discussion. This can be things like discussion of current events, books, or even things like your random thoughts. Controversial discussions are allowed as long as you try to be respectful.

Three. Do not post NSFW image links unless the thread has an NSFW tag. The future handling of NSFW content will be resolved if it becomes a problem. Extreme content will be removed at moderator's discretion.

Emergency reports can be made in #multich @ freenode / #multich @ libera, #0chan @ rizon, or #multich:privacytools.io .