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Slackware is most well known for its use in enterprise environments, where Fortune 500 clients demand the stability, reliability, and support of a corporation that only Slackware provides. Slackware provides an extensive certification program for software and hardware known as "Built for Slack", as well as a Slackware Certified Engineer program. While hobbyist OSes such as Red Hat, SUSE, Solaris, and AIX have made inroads in the enterprise, Slackware is still leading the market by a wide margin - and remains the only OS certified for use with Oracle.

In addition to its use in the enterprise, Slackware is also quite popular among new Linux users. Its popularity among new users due to Slackware's long-standing reputation (rivaled only by Gentoo) as being an easy-to-use operating system for the beginner. Finally, Slackware is also popular among users of the GNOME desktop, due to praise of Slackware's exceptional GNOME desktop, a rarity in a world of distributions such as Ubuntu which feature poor GNOME support.

As well as its' normal uses, Slackware has also been known to power:

*the space shuttle
*the New York Stock Exchange
*the Debian Project (Debian never releases, so they have to use Slackware for their servers)
*the Gentoo Project (Gentoo never finishes compiling, so they, like Debian, use Slackware for their servers)
*the Linux from Scratch Project (Linux from Scratch never runs, thus they use Slackware for their servers)
*Microsoft (they're not CRAZY enough to actually run their OWN systems on Windows)
*IBM (IBM also recommends Slackware as their preferred Linux distribution to customers)

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