why ripirc?

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why r.i.p. irc?

why is irc dead?

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Because you touch yourself at night

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>why is irc dead?
irc suffered a slow and painful death. Mind you like Nietzsche we are not saying irc _is_ dead but rather the _idea_ of irc is dead. So we ask ourselves what is irc? irc is not just a protocol but rather a type of community. just like how 4chan is different than reddit is different from facebook groups, irc communities operated with their own peculiarities. these peculiarities are predicated by such facets as a close knit core of users who have been lurking for years (i.e. oldfags), who probably have each others phone numbers or are friends on facebook; as well as shitposters who are just in it for the memes. a healthy irc room will have a corporal balance of both with the understanding that the old fags reign supreme. with the advent of #8chan on rizon we saw a different crowd entire irc, namely schizo shitposters with no regard for oldfaggery or a community. the great #8chan split into #8chan, ##8chan, and to a lesser extent ###8chan (also such memes as #########8chan, et. al.) caused #8chan to lose many users. as the spring of these schizos rickashayed across the network the oldfags dug deeper and deeper into their caves, many abandoning rizon for discord. when ##8chan got delisted from chanstat it was a blow to the morale of the big cheeses there and they stopped effort posting. this coupled with the collapse of 8ch.org caused the influx of fresh shitposters to die down leaving a hollow shell of what #8chan and ##8chan once were. even now #8chan has reformed itself into a new community of schizo oldfags, many of whom have no desire to maintain a community or dox themselves in any way to their jabronis. #war split off into #pfft and #kings, #pfft suicided and a small part of it and #war became #ripirc --a group of super irc'ers acknowledging irc is dead and this is just the waiting room. Perhaps channels such as #truth and #politics-uncensored can resurrect irc, but this remains to be seen. (i've left out #uk because in all honesty fuck Underdose).

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whats a newline

#8chan was a self-fulfilling prophecy. It was originally not a focus for oldfags, so it generated its own novel culture which in turn scared away more and more oldfags. It's a decent place to chat but it's not special; it doesn't even have anything to do with 8chan the site.

> the oldfags abandoned IRC for Discord
I would say it's more the case that channel-builders abandoned IRC for Discord. The classes of IRC users are rarely discussed, but there are some users who are more "followers" and others who are more "leaders". It used to be that anything that was larger than a thread in 4chan would almost automatically spawn its own IRC channel; now, the average tech person would find it easier to create and share a discord / join a discord than do the same thing on IRC.

I don't think it's right to say #8chan was a factor in why there's so many newfags relative to oldfags on Rizon... what does chanstat have to do with anything, anyway?

#8chan, #war, #pfft, #kings, #ripirc, who cares? I just want to join an active channel.

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