RIP-IRC Cannabutter

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#1 )) Name: Drug Man @ 2021-05-25 06:49 🌎 rip

1. Roughly crumble 10g of cannabis
2. One hour in oven at 100c
3. Sprinkle into slow cooker
4. Microwave enough butter to cover, in bursts
5. Add to slow cooker, set to low
6. Pour a bit of water on top
7. Stir hourly, then bihourly for 4 hours, adding tablespoons of water if it crackles
8. transfer to bowl while filtering , then refrigerate

After the butter solidifies in the bowl, remove, add to small glass jar, microwave in bursts while stirring just enough so that butter settles properly.

#2 )) Name: Drug Man @ 2021-05-25 15:58 🌎 rip

a hearty balanced breakfast



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