Categories vs Tags?

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#1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-10-15 19:07

Dokuwiki has a feature called "namespaces" -- they're like a directory of pages, e.g. ":games:gikopoi" would look like /games/gikopoi . It also has tags -- whereas a page can only have one namespace, it can have as many tags as you want, and doesn't affect the URL.

I think using "namespaces" for things like SJIS characters, websites, software, kopipe makes a lot of sense. Maybe if 5 or more pages are properly part of a category, they could go in a name space. Then, for something like "shii", the page could link to sjis/shii and people/shii . See the "games" for a good example. If there's only one page about shii and it's about the SJIS character, then "shii" can redirect to "sjis/shii" and "shii" can become a disambiguation page when more "shii" articles appear.

While we're restructuring everything from the ground up, sometimes the direction to build in isn't clear. So hearing what other people think about this seems like a good idea to me. Thoughts?


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