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#1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-12 06:04

I was born in the former United States. How interesting a ring it
has. I get to speak it now. Did the Yugoslovian feel the same
wonderful anxiety? That's where mosts mind goes: Former Soviet Block,
Christmas Day 1991.

Then there's people like me who see the big picture; the self-educated
who knows what lay beyond those grim years of the 20th Century (and
free from nostalgic lore, mind you). We are not the Soviet Union! We
are not even Europe. You exclaim "We're Wiemar!" HA! That's not true
either, though it shares many similarities.

> What then, soothsayer, is the truth? Who am I?

A noble question. "Who am I?" Double HA!



The American Republic has been Rome in great decline for
years. Because of the UN (Globalist) Bullshit, it has used in the past
American Influence (on behest of Israel) to corrupt the Rome and
spread it international. All nations are dependent on the dollar. To
get rid of the Dollar is to commit a crime against humanity. We are
falling. Therefore, Rome is falling. And this is deliberate.

The SARS-CoV-19 virus was manufactured. The SARS-CoV-19 virus killedonly 15000 people in 2020 when you remove the fake deaths. The
SARS-CoV-19 virus was made by the Chinese Communist Party, and we
founded it. It is a CONSPIRACY that has BEFALLEN THE WORLD! The JEWS
in power, the wonderful group they are, of bankers and thieves. Those
that own all, and see all, and play the game. The same people that
Trump left (Not a 33rd) to run for office and claim to be against
(((them))) [read: his former associates]. They created this FEAR PORN
campaign to do all this.

They are the corrupter. They are the infingers. They take what has
existed in history, which they have distorted beyond all actual figure
in the public brainwashing education and actually use it against the
unsuspecting public.

>Zuh Oh my God, guys. Trump is literally a Hitler!

How dare you insult Hitler like that :-)

They've devalued the dollar. Do you think they actually don;t know
what they're doing? I remember the old loons who used to say Kim
Jon-Un was the front-man for a CIA Fake Nation. It all stemmed off of
the fact that people previously believed the government shown might
not be the actual government. Hermit nation, ya know? The Jusche Party
has to be the supreme party per their constitution. They are a
Three-Party System turned into a two party system. Quite reflective.

The Congressman, the Bureaucrat, and the Newsman are their
patsies. They are their pawns. They try to eliminate "The
Filibuster", a natural strategy developed within the civil laws of
Argumentation & Debate. Have you ever seen a session of congress,
house or senate, for an entire day's affairs? I have. My god, I was


You don't know your own government. You let others vote them in forthe past 40 years at least. You layed your arms as things got worse
and worse, the way it goes. "Well, maybe it's alright. The man on my
TV tells me this."


We are now a society of hedonistic idiots, pacified and diluted with
chemical concentrations, plastics, smog, jet exhaust, electric waves,
noises, car sounds...

In 1983, Negativeland said:

No, but you can satisfy with prolefeed cartoon pornography.

The Low-IQ currently stand as the pawns in their system. People simply
placed, and told what to do, lied to, so on. The two party system of
Red vs Blue, except now Red is light red and Blue is the blue of
shadowed over murky eyes. Drink that koolaid.

Total economic collapse by the end of the year. I actually look
forward to it. Trump won the election, Joe Biden is the insurrector,
COVID-19 is a psyop.

!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT GET THE VAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You (Rome) get to experience a collapse not seen since well after the
fall of Christ (but not too long after he got
popular). Congratulations on this. First, you will have a very slow
collapse filled with false prosperity. Then, as your nation pretends
its not dying, it dies. It is the toad in the water. After this, since
you were so big, all of a sudden there is mass crisis and everyone
just kind of goes crazy. New nations are born out of the new, and
because you were the world, the world loses itself.

You will have a dark age of many centuries. Nations will rise using
your name but hold no comparison to your former glory. They will be
religious men. Your offspring will then spread out as you once did, with a sinking burning sensation on Gaia. Following this, your
namesake will finally die before the technological rise returns.

The Holy USA [Yousah] will be something, huh? I wonder what it'll be
like to worship Columbia (excuse me, I mean Mother Columbine;).

This is not the fall of the Soviet Union, it's Rome. The problem is
that those trying this master plan have not realized how STUPID and
NONSENSICAL it is. One World Government is bound to fail. Come on,
people! Hitler didn't even want One World Government.

My god, I get to live through the end. I'm going to enjoy this false
prosperity. I encourage everyone to spend the next year buying Gold,
Silver, and Guns. That's my plan. What's yours?


#2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-12 06:06

What is the conservative trying to conserve? Why does the Iconolist
Fight? Who runs the show? Who is the man behind the curtain? Who iS

(Laughter by everyone at the party)
(...at you)

What does "Liberal" mean? What does "Democrat"? What exactly is
"Republicanism"? Say, what's this whole "Hitler" thing about?

You don't even know the name of your senator. The system was started
as a big joke. You don't even know what the Articles of Confederation
are. You have no clue what the North was doing to the South before the
War of Nothern Agression (Civil War). You probably didn't even know
about the Energy Crisis of the 70's until this year. YOU ARE

While the moronic eat themselves, the alive are living in fairy tail
too. Instead of actually doing something, you laugh and say "Cringe"
or "Based". You share an image. You are the new Keyboard Warrior.

In 2020, Maxine Waters said:
> "Why is there not mass protests accross the nation?"

In 1988, William Pierce said
> Lemmings.

We are the awake. We need to get ourself out of the nostalgic muck and
start acting in brotherhood against the White Genocide, against the
scare, against the evil trying to assult. One World Communist
Government will not be desirable even if it collapses under itself in...
80+ years.

You talk about Red Pills, Green Pills, Iron Pills? Maybe rethink your
pharmicist. He has a certain big nose that's always sniffing, and the
man who's with him is awful yellow.

#3 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-13 13:28

This reads poorly, you get an E- for the effort.

#4 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-13 21:57

w t h honesly

#5 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-13 22:00

anywyas calm ur tits FOR AS MUCH AS U CAN even i dont want take the fuckign jab

we just neb at most 1 year to see if more newborn gona be mentally or physically retarded they gona be forcing even subsequent doses

tell billy yeetes to take the jab RIGHT IN HIS BHUYYGB***** BUTT what the fuck i'm not gona buy the fucking vax im goin shopping bitch fuck shit

#6 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-06-13 22:23

> i'm not gona buy the fucking vax
Umm... it's free.... and they actually pay you to get it now...


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