Statement on association with peers

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#1 )) Name: dev !cRwJk8JEBs @ 2021-05-23 08:56

Our decision to federate with nodes that do not appear to moderate content is not an endorsement of their policies or their user's policies. As the recent "stats" thread shows, 0chan removes sometimes substantial numbers of its own posts, and fair amounts of its peers.

One reason we refuse to allow hate speech on our own servers is because, morality and ethics aside, it's simply not a good look for the project. And if there are people who wish to use our server to spread hate, we would rather they stay the h*ll away.

Guilt by association plays commonly into fear tactics used by enemies of federation. But at the end of the day, it's important to keep in mind that (a) any anonymous person in the world can archive any public content, and (b) people who wish to stretch the limits of free speech will find a way to do so.

Multichan is a neutral technology. We plan to introduce more features into an web based admin panel to help people who are not UNIX wizards manage their boards, but we will not force any blocks/wordfilters/spam entries in the vanilla release. Free software is an important software, and we not only embrace but extend the ideals of free software by releasing multich into the public domain since the project began. This software belongs to no one, and it can be modified or used in any way you wish. You can even rebrand Multichan, put it on branded USB flash drives, and sell it for $200, we don't care.

The values of 0chan.vip (this individual instance) are expressed in our rules page linked at the top of the page. We do not want spam, hate speech, illegal content, or anything generally "obscene". This is a private server ran and moderated by an individual at his own expense. Not only does he do it for free, he pays to be a janny!

More importantly than dark thoughts one can take towards the Multichannel project (multich), we really do believe (rule #2) that federation is a means of establishing freedom, resisting censorship, allowing people to meet and share ideas they usually couldn't (barriers of time, space, class, culture, disability) ... our software is not fundamentally different than any other messageboard.

Don't be afraid to make a post about your passions or weird ideas! Let's make this a place that's fun to visit and hang out together and discuss things

#2 )) Name: dev !cRwJk8JEBs @ 2021-05-23 09:53

Things can sometimes slip through the cracks. That even happens with Facebook, where people are crammed into sweatshops and forced to view hours upon hours of ultraviolence a week at low wages. [1]
Don't worry, running 0chan.vip isn't so stressful yet. But it's interesting to think about the negative effects that large companies like Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit can have on groups of vulnerable people, and how bottom-up networks can try to solve different kinds of problems.

Even tripcodes (the pseudo registration system) aren't a very "safe" method of identifying yourself. A malicious remote admin could easily spoof or record tripcode passwords, like what happened with Qanon on 8chan, and weak passwords are easily cracked. Password hashes can be easily copied, but not deleted; this is true everywhere on the internet. Need something better? Make a PGP key, share your public key, and PGP sign your posts. For the record, we promise to never forge content; it's keep or delete, based on how the other server last presented it.

Multichan is not a software that will keep you "safe," but no software will. People on the internet everywhere can already run webservers to say whatever they want. Why not ignore that and use your Multichan to arrange events with people in your town or work on projects that a bulletin board can be useful for? Anonymous bulletin boards have largely shown, over time, not to be so different from "mainstream" pseudonymous websites, in terms of how people settle and behave.

For people without strong computing power, or people in difficult conditions, federated bulletin board systems still provide a feasible way to self-host and provides the community a means to navigate around technical difficulties. The "friend" system is more like a "follow" (1 way) than a "sync" (2 way) link, based on multichan's original idea of extending the idea of board archival.

In the distant future, "moderated tags" will allow a user on a specific node to delete threads and posts in their tag and ban IP hashes /ranges from posting in their tag.
These are similar to moderators of a forum or chatroom. Thread management features like sticky, lock, and permasage may be added. More pro-archivist tools like textboard archivers and relays are also in the works in a separate package.

[1] https://www.theverge.com/2019/2/25/18229714/cognizant-facebook-content-moderator-interviews-trauma-working-conditions-arizona

#3 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-05-23 16:07

Time to implement MRF & defederation

#3,1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-05-24 05:40 🌎 rip

that's an interesting way to say you'll just delete content you don't like.

#4 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-05-24 09:45

It's the first I've read laws in Hawaii have to be observed in Maine, hate speech or otherwise, haole.

#5 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-05-24 19:11

ʻolelo kaikunāne!


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