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Good men of Philbook, to speak plainly of my past actions, I must point out that I have never held a single opinion, nor have I ever urged any member of this fine group to adopt my own beliefs. Besides, everything I have discoursed upon has actually been in accord with the Dialectic and at no point did I ever pronounce myself to have surpassed this unimpeachable process of History. My accusers say I intend to deceive you with my strange speech, but be not alarmed, for how could anything I utter be at variance with the Absolute? Nay, every post I have made has really been a fulfillment of the wishes of the Continentals themselves. But do not take my word for it. For, once, Hegel appeared to me in a footnote, wherein he said that "none are more based than Kooper Wilson". I swear by Nietzsche himself that this is so. I trust you will see that this court upholds Justice and you will not allow these cringe accusations to be falsely admitted.

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Any question that begins with "can" is merely rhetorical. The answer is always "yes" because all things are possible through God who strengthens me.

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Of all the religions Christianity is by far the most inferior. As a byproduct of suppressing more sensical views during the council of Nicea (and to a lesser extent Trent) Christianity may be the only religion that prides itself on its anti-intellectualism.
The only significant advances to culture Christianity post formalization has contributed are Capitalism (which is bad) and Fascism (which is more bad)


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