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#1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-16 22:40

There’s been a pretty large uptick in posts with no meaning, does anyone know why this is?

#2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-16 23:37

Well fuckboy rant

#3 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-16 23:56

stupid filthy pussy psychopathic fuckboy

#4 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-17 00:19

This guy had all of his exs tit pics and still wants childish fucking grudge while i'm already hurting physically and emotionally from the illness alone. Dare to pretend to be part of God's party. Lmfao fuckboy thinks he's pure when he's fucking evil wicked lady predator.

#5 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-17 00:30

For fucking sure he's dumb and got stepped all over because he doesnt believe anyone should go to hell forever think he's more kind than God he's fucking cringe fucking haughty hooker never would ask forgiveness from God because he fuckin arrogant and ignorant probably insufferable like this until he die and still dont know it.

#6 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-17 00:45

Hypocrites who dont amend in the religion will be assaulted the most fucking worst

#7 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-17 00:49

No wonder he got into the accident the angels fuckin hate him i really fucking think so wow he's got superior supreme masonic smartass logic that souls don't exist LMFAO

#8 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-17 00:53

Lady predator hooker think he's a protector of women L O L fucking cringe as balls

#9 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-17 00:58

Of course he wont get rid of the backup before replacement. That was well over few months cant have risk pussy fucking cheater and hooker

#10 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-17 01:03

Does this explained it clearly, OP

#11 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-17 01:03


#12 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-17 01:14

"Hey im sorry i really dont want to be with you anymore so i cheated and this was my fault. I want to amend from my old sins and hooker predator ways and wish you all the best in life, and hope you recover im really sorry"

Hes too dumb to even think of a sincere apology because his filthy censured soul never gna repent

#13 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-18 23:59

To be fair, schizoposters have been a huge component of textboard culture since time immemorial.

* tinychan
* sageru
* world4ch

This is in contrast with the psychopath forums like SAoVQ or Bunbunmaru.

#14 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-02-28 05:19

I’m a bit of a newfag to textboards, so I’ll poke around in those places. Thank you.

#15 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-03-12 18:22

All I have got is bread for breakfast.

#16 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-03-12 18:24

huh why is this related to my fuckboy rant?????????????????????????

#17 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-03-12 18:55

baby i'll do hijab kink if u want just come back mwah i'm your desperate slut

#18 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-03-13 13:00

How did your fuckboy rant answer the question?

#19 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-03-13 18:13

too long didn't read?; i'm horny and i still masturbate to my ex-husband and even got a naughty dream where i suck his dick 3 times and stripped for him and i think he putin once. fUcKiNg SaTaN. nice fuckboy fuck with my head. i want his cute boy butt and miwk

#20 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-03-15 10:51

how can i live with this fvking dumb shit for the rest of my life. may God have mercy. damn what the actual fvck still askin this over and over, once it gets through i'll be even more invincible

#21 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-03-16 23:04

bruce willis is dead

#22 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-03-17 02:27

Im asking if my fuckboy is al8ve

#23 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-03-19 16:39

Damn wat dee fuq tho he's alive

#24 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-04-06 01:06

Me (M 9) screamed "dead body reported" at my aunts funeral. My mom said that my aunt died and that we are going to her funeral the next morning. As soon as she left the room crying I busted put laughing because it reminded me of among us a popular video game. So as we were riding in the car I was thinking about saying "dead body reported" at the funeral. When we finnaly arived I screamed "dead body reported" everyone was looking me like if some sort of a weirdo. Then I remembered that my grandfather's sister fell in the vents and died when she was 2 years old. So I said grandpa's sister sus she vented. My grandfather started crying and everyone was screaming at me instead of laughing. My mom took my x box and said that I am going to therapist tomorow. Idk my mom is acting kinda sus


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