New Years Resolutions

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#1 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2023-12-24 14:33

Post your new years resolutions here!

Bonus points if you check in later this year with updates on how well you're following them through...

#2 )) Name: hotaru @ 2023-12-24 14:37

>teaching or explaining pinto about how i make jokes
>getting zzazz doing something productive
>finding plab a muslim penpal
>convince indigo to get in law school
>find xoog a cosplayer girlfriend
>find moon (optional)

#3 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2023-12-24 14:39

Three of mine:

> 1. Fast at least once a week
I've been finding that fasting has had a positive effect on my health and mind. My fasting program is eating once a day, abstaining from games/tv/music/sex, and aiming to spend my free time toward productive ends. Easier than doing Ramadan...

> 2. Black out at most once every 3-4 months
Since I began producing moonshine, I find myself overdoing it a bit more often than I'd prefer. I'm not giving up alcohol, but setting a harder limit on how much I'd drink would probably benefit me, either physically or psychologically.

> 3. Exercise for 6 hours a week
A fairly low bar, but having an explicit goal will serve as a motivating factor in and of itself.

#4 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2023-12-24 17:27

My plan is to actually watch the entire OVA for LoGH.
Also going to get a job.

#5 )) Name: Deleted @ 2023-12-25 15:00

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