A trinity rarely talked about

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One connection rarely discussed is that free will, a justice-based afterlife, and the existence of a soul all seem to depend on one another. The idea of heaven or hell don't make sense without free will. The idea of free will doesn't make sense without a soul. And the idea of heaven and hell also don't make sense without a soul.

I am a determinist and, to a degree, a nihilist. The idea of objective morality or justice is kind of absurd -- the idea that morality is something just out there, something that cares about what happens to your consciousness after death, something somehow in tune to contemporary senses of right or wrong. The idea of a soul has never seemed very valid to me, either. The Abrahamic faiths tend to discuss it in the same mystical dodgy sense that they tend to use to define their idea of God. To quote Wittgenstein, "the primary question about life after death is not whether it is a fact, but even if it is, what problems that really solves."

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I think the soul is complex. I tend to look at things as an infinite set of systems and nodal points (which of course can be broken down into smaller systems). To say the soul is one thing might not be wrong, but it is a simplification. The Egyptians recognized like 8 different parts that made up the soul.

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I'm still trying to get rid of my Christian indoctrination nonsense drilled into. Because of the holidays my right brain keeps thinking about stupid Christian shit.

Souls may not exist, but complex neurons and the chaos of nature does make unpredictable patterns undecipherable.

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The mind is complex, but is any part really infinite? Consider perception: there's a known range of visible colors[1] and likely other stimulus like sound, smell etc are limited by psycho-physical constraints. Similarly memory is bounded.

One of the most serious issues imo is that consciousness is often confused with volition because we're tempted to conflate consciousness of desire with desire itself. The will seems to be distinct from consciousness because we can do things unconsciously and some desires cannot be overcame through perceiving them to be bad or harmful, etc.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_vision

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The idea of colors itself is a set of systems. It is part visual data, part lexical data, part social data. And all of those systems can be broken into smaller systems. Its not that the range of color is infinite, its more like elements, molecules, atoms, particles... etc. Color is one part of the system we view as a whole, but it can be broken down into many different parts, and many other systems contain color also.

Whats infinite is the scalability. Infinitely up, and infinitely down. I know science says their is a minimum length (one planck) and a maximum length (size of the universe), but I choose to define myself not by what I know but by what I dont know. I would argue that its simply reflecting the current limits of science (humanities best guessers and cataloggers of coincidences), and not a universal truth.

I am a follower of chaos magick theory, and that actually takes the complete opposite view of consciousness and volition that you do. It says that it is the same force, but that the duality of the mind forces us to recognize it as one or the other. Similar to how we view things as hot/cold and not just temperature. It also teaches that meditation should be used to reach that point where you experience both as one.

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I was so excited to read all the intelligent and well thought out responses to the thread. So much for that.

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