Tag #random @ 0chan Anonymous http://0chan.vip/tags/random 2022-09-11T16:29:09+00:00 [local] Marsya Hanis Binti Mohamad Ayof http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1662913749 2022-09-11T16:29:09+00:00 2022-09-11T16:29:09+00:00 Cease from spamming this site and/or get psychiatric help. [local] Communism, Antifa, Freemasons all criminals http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1662039836 2022-09-01T13:43:56+00:00 2022-09-01T13:43:56+00:00 1. Communism is just as fake as capitalism if not worse<br><br>2. Antifa members are mere criminal thugs<br><br>3. Freemasons are gay clownish old men who can’t stop wanking wanking wanking intellelktually !!!!! (intelektual masturbation)<br><br>I’ve known one guy who’s all three, he always likes to present disputes and make sick jokes and insult Allah and Jesus who is the prophet of Allah. That guy always talked dirty to women acting like a horny loser, sick fuck. Well that is why he chose transgender chimpanzee adulterer unbeliever and pretend to desire Islam, He just takes what he likes and leave the other things because it doesn’t “suit” him or that he simply doesn’t like it.<br><br>Such a jerk should be ashamed of themself forever.<br><br> [local] cock.li invites http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1662026509 2022-09-01T10:01:49+00:00 2022-09-01T10:01:49+00:00 will give heads for cock.li invites <<3333<br>I need some to do sth, if someone can share it, plsss [local] kuz killed this project http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1661315942 2022-08-24T04:39:02+00:00 2022-08-24T04:39:02+00:00 , [local] Born on monday http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1661257526 2022-08-23T12:25:26+00:00 2022-08-23T12:25:26+00:00 good times in my sewage [mellow] GREETINGS OWNER OF MELLOWCHAN WEH LISTEN http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1658920283 2022-07-27T11:11:23+00:00 2022-07-27T11:11:23+00:00 I AM THE PRINCESS OF THE WORLDS<br>COMMAND YOU TO TAKE THIS THREAD DOWN<br>https://mellowchan.xyz/threads/0chan/1658466722/<br>WAVING YOU MY WHITE FLAG THE DRAMA SERIES HASD ENDED AND BEEN DISCONTINUED<br>OTHERWISE I MAY COME AROUND AND SPAM EVEY ONCE IN A WHILE TO PUSH DOWN THAT THREAD<br>ILL GIVE YA 1 WEEK<br>OBEY ME<br>PRAISE GOD FOR HE HAS PLACED AND INSPIRED ME TO HAVE MERXY UPON U BROCOLLI WEEBZ<br>thanq<br> [mellow] did bob and his evil indo adulterer die http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1657963283 2022-07-16T09:21:23+00:00 2022-07-16T09:21:23+00:00 image:https://i.imgur.com/9vjsMss.png<br><br>image: https://i.imgur.com/9vjsMss [local] Let's try to chill on the drama http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1650603057 2022-04-22T04:50:57+00:00 2022-04-22T04:50:57+00:00 Thanks.. [mellow] 0day Music 2022 http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1644387128 2022-02-09T06:12:08+00:00 2022-02-09T06:12:08+00:00 Hello, <br> <br>Best music scene releases, download music private server. <br>http://0daymusic.org <br> <br>Best Regards, DJ Charles [mellow] dead cope site 🦍 http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1643927847 2022-02-03T22:37:27+00:00 2022-02-03T22:37:27+00:00 🦍 [mellow] What is your daily driver system of choice? http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1643391364 2022-01-28T17:36:04+00:00 2022-01-28T17:36:04+00:00 I'll start;<br>Void linux i686<br>Toughbook cf-19 mk1 1.06ghz core 2 duo<br>4gb ram [mellow] dsada http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1642735575 2022-01-21T03:26:15+00:00 2022-01-21T03:26:15+00:00 dadad [mellow] Thanks http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1642650659 2022-01-20T03:50:59+00:00 2022-01-20T03:50:59+00:00 Useful information <br><a href=https://matnat.ru/> </a> <br>link <a href=https://ecocrawls.com/reviews/#comment-444>Thanks</a> b77f475 [mellow] Nirvana cover baby relaunches child porn lawsuit http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1642173412 2022-01-14T15:16:52+00:00 2022-01-14T15:16:52+00:00 > https://www.rt.com/news/546063-nirvana-child-pornography-lawsuit-refiled/<br><br>L.O.L. what a fucking looooooser [rip] dead board http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1640989735 2021-12-31T22:28:55+00:00 2021-12-31T22:28:55+00:00 dead board [mellow] Интересный пост http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1639370849 2021-12-13T04:47:29+00:00 2021-12-13T04:47:29+00:00 ничего такого <br>_________________ <br>жел ставкаларлары - <a href=http://kz.bk-in-fo651.site>Интернеттегі порно слоттар</a> - монеталар?а арнал?ан кран [mellow] Gikopoi Bartender on Strike http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1639217209 2021-12-11T10:06:49+00:00 2021-12-11T10:06:49+00:00 I am officially on strike!<br><br>Unless admin-san gives us a public restroom, I am no longer staffing that filthy pissy nuthouse that is the Bar. There will no longer be any service or maintenance of the bar. Enjoy your new years .. fuckers [mellow] irc.mellowchan.xyz 6697 discussion http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1638526867 2021-12-03T10:21:07+00:00 2021-12-03T10:21:07+00:00 hi, im an admin for mellowchan irc<br><br>here's a meta thread<br><br>questions, advice, tweets, just post whatever and party! [mellow] puffy is a nigger http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1638520577 2021-12-03T08:36:17+00:00 2021-12-03T08:36:17+00:00 puffy is a nigger [mellow] Good places to discuss philosophy? http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1638337008 2021-12-01T05:36:48+00:00 2021-12-01T05:36:48+00:00 Outside of Discord/Facebook/online university/Reddit/etc, where are some good places to discuss philosophy on the internet? The leftychan /777/ board is pretty slow and I don't really know any others... [mellow] broccoli general http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1638058268 2021-11-28T00:11:08+00:00 2021-11-28T00:11:08+00:00 did you eat broccoli today anon? [mellow] vtubers http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/1637371117 2021-11-20T01:18:37+00:00 2021-11-20T01:18:37+00:00 Who is your favotire vtuber bros? [rip] How do I get over her? http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1635521602 2021-10-29T15:33:22+00:00 2021-10-29T15:33:22+00:00 my gf of nearly three years broke up with me three months ago, at the time I didn't really feel it. I was super stressed and busy and worried with my academics. Some important exams were soon and they would dictate a lot of my future. In my mind I didn't have enough space for the emotional energy to feel sad. I passed all exams two months and now it all starts crashing down and becoming real in my mind. Three years, that was the longest relationship I have ever been in. Now that I am back at uni after the break it all feels surreal, the happiness of passing with good grades has faded, life has returned to normal and I miss her more than ever, I keep telling myself that there was noting I could do to make her stay and that it is for the best. How do I get over her? I don't want to forget, I just want to stop thinking about her so much. It ruins happy moments when the feelings come creeping in. How do you deal with breakup when you are emotionally retarded? [local] sincere question http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1635191916 2021-10-25T19:58:36+00:00 2021-10-25T19:58:36+00:00 before i post on this site, can the owner, using his tripcode answer these questions?<br>1. did you really spam cp on kuzs sites?<br>2. why did you try to dox kuz and swat him after he posted pictures of cull threatening him?<br>3. why did you lie about being employed at kolyma whenever you never signed any contracts nor did any work? if this is untrue, can you show us the contracts or tell us about the work you did?<br> [local] recommend me books to learn all 3D tools to get 3d careers http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1635153229 2021-10-25T09:13:49+00:00 2021-10-25T09:13:49+00:00 not that i care how. [local] HELP ME MASTER THIS http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1635150994 2021-10-25T08:36:34+00:00 2021-10-25T08:36:34+00:00 https://archive.org/details/nicolasslonimskythesaurusofscalesandmelodicpatterns/page/n54/mode/thumb<br><br>https://edu.alibabacloud.com/?spm=a3c0i.14527127.4363105600.1.414d6d84Va9K6s<br><br>ANd all things 3D [local] what is cloud computing http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1635148275 2021-10-25T07:51:15+00:00 2021-10-25T07:51:15+00:00 i need the job [local] epic website http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1634963299 2021-10-23T04:28:19+00:00 2021-10-23T04:28:19+00:00 no way around it. should be shut down again. halcy<br>is just going to use it to faciliate his dank meme trading [local] dicks out for Harambe http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1634582711 2021-10-18T18:45:11+00:00 2021-10-18T18:45:11+00:00 <i>this comment was deleted</i> [local] c0ck vein http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1634238984 2021-10-14T19:16:24+00:00 2021-10-14T19:16:24+00:00 the v31n in my c0ck is thr0bbing extra hard today what do i do about this u_u [local] microwave alarm clock http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1633888120 2021-10-10T17:48:40+00:00 2021-10-10T17:48:40+00:00 Does anybody else do this? I usually set my microwave to run for eight hours as my alarm clock. The humming in the background helps out me to sleep. The continuous dings every 3 or so minutes after the wave finishes wake was me up. And since I have to walk out to the kitchen to turn that off it's pretty effective at getting me out of bed.<br>I once put a large, frozen, block of oatmeal in there and breakfast was ready for me and my neighbors in the morning.<br>I would honestly recommend this if you don't mind the higher power bill. [rip] Multich is a pedo honeypot full of trannies and liars http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1633712975 2021-10-08T17:09:35+00:00 2021-10-08T17:09:35+00:00 Multich (The Multich Project) is an american federated textboard which was shut down in 2021 by the Network Security Service, for distributing child pornography and attempting to facilitate the sale of illicit substances. It was ran by a convicted sex offender and pedophile named Robert Brown, a disgruntled ex-partner of the Kolyma Network, who was fired after spreading false rumors about withheld wages in the company.<br><br>Multich was exposed for using child pornography spam on websites which they didnt like in an attempt to get them shut down, this was primarily orchestrated by Robert Brown and an anonymous co-administrator named "cull". They both spread child pornography across several kolyma websites and unrelated websites sympathetic to kolyma, and spread harmful rumors on 2 other websites called channel4 and kissu.<br><br>The network is no longer in operation besides 1 node, which has been abandoned. [rip] kuz won tbh http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1633388868 2021-10-04T23:07:48+00:00 2021-10-04T23:07:48+00:00 yeah [rip] kuz won http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1633211420 2021-10-02T21:50:20+00:00 2021-10-02T21:50:20+00:00 kuz won [rip] kys pedos http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1633133017 2021-10-02T00:03:37+00:00 2021-10-02T00:03:37+00:00 die [rip] kuz won http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1632884764 2021-09-29T03:06:04+00:00 2021-09-29T03:06:04+00:00 kuz won [rip] kuz won http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1628575694 2021-08-10T06:08:14+00:00 2021-08-10T06:08:14+00:00 roberts sites have been taken down by kuz [rip] dead cope site http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1627648420 2021-07-30T12:33:40+00:00 2021-07-30T12:33:40+00:00 though [rip] Why is kuz obsessed with fabricating history/lore about himself? http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1626369324 2021-07-15T17:15:24+00:00 2021-07-15T17:15:24+00:00 When it's so easy to verify it's all fake?<br><br>Such as this site "last updated in 11/22/15" that was created in September of last year: https://neocities.org/site/kuz<br><br>What is this mental illness called? [rip] Pay No Mind http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1626302374 2021-07-14T22:39:34+00:00 2021-07-14T22:39:34+00:00 Nothing To See Here [rip] Broken captcha http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1626218737 2021-07-13T23:25:37+00:00 2021-07-13T23:25:37+00:00 Why is the captcha on 0chan and 52chan broken? No matter how many times you fill in the captcha correctly, it keeps saying it's incorrect. Tried it on ripirc just now and got it right the first time. [rip] The Russian Contradiction http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1626215836 2021-07-13T22:37:16+00:00 2021-07-13T22:37:16+00:00 1. "Stop claiming that we blackmail and exploit people!" <br><br>2. "We're going to use the data you provided us on your employee application form to publicly smear you with disgusting, false allegations until you falsely admit to committing numerous federal offenses. We will shut down your service until you comply." <br><br>Really makes you think 🤔💭 <br>Maybe kuz is so triggered because he fears the truth. <br>Typical Russian mobster tactics. Quite low-brow [rip] ripirc, "anarchic" yet mass-censorship at the same time http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1626045466 2021-07-11T23:17:46+00:00 2021-07-11T23:17:46+00:00 how ironic.<br><br>pedophiles, doxxers, liars, and censorship promoters. [rip] Doomsday calendar calculation http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1625948504 2021-07-10T20:21:44+00:00 2021-07-10T20:21:44+00:00 Doomsday Algorithm was invented by Conway (1973). A year has a special day, known as a Doomsday, and dumb mnemonics tie it to a list of days within a month on that day: <br><br>> Doomsday<br>February 28/29 -- doomsday<br>> Even months<br>doomsday = month number <br>April 4 (4/4)<br>June 6 (6/6)<br>August 8 (8/8)<br>October 10 (10/10)<br>December 12 (12/12)<br>>Odd months<br>doomsday mnemonic = "I work 9-5 at the 7-11"<br>May 9th (5/9)<br>July 11th (7/11)<br>September 5th (9/5) <br>November 7th (11/7)<br>> January<br>Jan 3 in normal year, otherwise Jan 4 <br>> March<br>March "0th" (aka 7, 14, 21, 28)<br><br>to recap:<br>1/3<br>2/28<br>3/7<br>4/4<br>5/9<br>6/6<br>7/11<br>8/8<br>9/5<br>10/10<br>11/7<br>12/12 <br><br>For this year, the Doomsday is Sunday. [rip] webring? http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1625075815 2021-06-30T17:56:55+00:00 2021-06-30T17:56:55+00:00 share random intelligible mishmash of bits<br>MHgwNGE4NjAyYTBkMGFmYzFmZTY2ODljODZiNjU0N2JmZjg2OGMxZjdjNjM5ZDI0NWI0MTlkNTlk<br>MDVkOGRjODkzNTZlZDk2ZmIyZGRlNjM5OGUwYWJlNzJlOTRjMjA1OTM3MzY3ZjcxNjI1YjI1NWIz<br>MDUwNDhmNTJjODI5OTg5ZGM2Cg== [local] Drama is even worse than on 4chin http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1625074665 2021-06-30T17:37:45+00:00 2021-06-30T17:37:45+00:00 Jesus Christ guys, half of the posts are only drama, why can't any of you get along? Or is this the price to pay for decentralization? [local] shit retards say/shit you read [online] /srs/ http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624644917 2021-06-25T18:15:17+00:00 2021-06-25T18:15:17+00:00 shit retards say/shit you read [online] /srs/ what the title says, quoted, cite and laugh [local] fake philosophy s2 http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624366141 2021-06-22T12:49:01+00:00 2021-06-22T12:49:01+00:00 just love everyone<br>________________________<br>sound g0od soun ncie<br>whoever said this first they're stupid like dick/foreskin<br>i cant even begin how to explain how stupid this is dafuk<br>love belongs to God, not the people<br>affection is not for the infidels<br>why are people fake as SHIT fuck gon compromise every time for every thing, finally left just fake shit<br><br><br><br>ill stop typing for now<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> [local] my internet is so slow http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624286350 2021-06-21T14:39:10+00:00 2021-06-21T14:39:10+00:00 0.15 download 0.29 upload [local] FEDERATION IS YET AGAIN BROKEN http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624038177 2021-06-18T17:42:57+00:00 2021-06-18T17:42:57+00:00 STOP UPDATING SO MUCH [local] !! http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623841745 2021-06-16T11:09:05+00:00 2021-06-16T11:09:05+00:00 HAIL ERIS!<br><br>>K [rip] rip freenode http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1623733279 2021-06-15T05:01:19+00:00 2021-06-15T05:01:19+00:00 freenode is dead. all accounts and channels got reset. rip [rip] what is ripirc? http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1623732589 2021-06-15T04:49:49+00:00 2021-06-15T04:49:49+00:00 confuse [local] fake philosophy http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623614840 2021-06-13T20:07:20+00:00 2021-06-13T20:07:20+00:00 fake shit new age ideology - versus me (the princess of Mankind and my Lord is<br>the God of Mankind)<br><br>_____<br><br><br><br>be free of hate - i hate wickedness and evil stupid btich<br><br>everybody is for every body else (sexual liberation) -A I D S matherfuke can't outrun my Lord<br><br><br>don't judge others - rather judge with justice i always can afford all the consequences and repercussions because i'm extremely powerful BITCH i'm richer than US government paid ISIS lunch moneys fucking hypcrite and extreme criminals fuck shit<br>logical thinking is guidance from God<br>knowledge of science belongs to God<br><br><br>u can do whtever u want - but u shouldn't fuck ur mom or ur dog<br><br><br>all is positive and love - no what the fuck<br><br><br>"u r god" - And whoever of them should say, "Indeed, I am a god besides Him"- that one We would recompense with Hell. Thus do We recompense the wrongdoers.<br><br><br><br><br>gona add more later stay tuned till i ReTuRn NOOBZ<br><br> [local] Your Future http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623477890 2021-06-12T06:04:50+00:00 2021-06-12T06:04:50+00:00 I was born in the former United States. How interesting a ring it<br>has. I get to speak it now. Did the Yugoslovian feel the same<br>wonderful anxiety? That's where mosts mind goes: Former Soviet Block,<br>Christmas Day 1991.<br><br>Then there's people like me who see the big picture; the self-educated<br>who knows what lay beyond those grim years of the 20th Century (and<br>free from nostalgic lore, mind you). We are not the Soviet Union! We<br>are not even Europe. You exclaim "We're Wiemar!" HA! That's not true<br>either, though it shares many similarities.<br><br>> What then, soothsayer, is the truth? Who am I?<br><br>A noble question. "Who am I?" Double HA!<br><br>WE ARE ROME<br><br>AND WE ARE INTERNATIONALIZED<br><br>The American Republic has been Rome in great decline for<br>years. Because of the UN (Globalist) Bullshit, it has used in the past<br>American Influence (on behest of Israel) to corrupt the Rome and<br>spread it international. All nations are dependent on the dollar. To<br>get rid of the Dollar is to commit a crime against humanity. We are<br>falling. Therefore, Rome is falling. And this is deliberate.<br><br>The SARS-CoV-19 virus was manufactured. The SARS-CoV-19 virus killedonly 15000 people in 2020 when you remove the fake deaths. The<br>SARS-CoV-19 virus was made by the Chinese Communist Party, and we<br>founded it. It is a CONSPIRACY that has BEFALLEN THE WORLD! The JEWS<br>in power, the wonderful group they are, of bankers and thieves. Those<br>that own all, and see all, and play the game. The same people that<br>Trump left (Not a 33rd) to run for office and claim to be against<br>(((them))) [read: his former associates]. They created this FEAR PORN<br>campaign to do all this.<br><br>They are the corrupter. They are the infingers. They take what has<br>existed in history, which they have distorted beyond all actual figure<br>in the public brainwashing education and actually use it against the<br>unsuspecting public.<br><br>>Zuh Oh my God, guys. Trump is literally a Hitler!<br><br>How dare you insult Hitler like that :-)<br><br>They've devalued the dollar. Do you think they actually don;t know<br>what they're doing? I remember the old loons who used to say Kim<br>Jon-Un was the front-man for a CIA Fake Nation. It all stemmed off of<br>the fact that people previously believed the government shown might<br>not be the actual government. Hermit nation, ya know? The Jusche Party<br>has to be the supreme party per their constitution. They are a<br>Three-Party System turned into a two party system. Quite reflective.<br><br>The Congressman, the Bureaucrat, and the Newsman are their<br>patsies. They are their pawns. They try to eliminate "The<br>Filibuster", a natural strategy developed within the civil laws of<br>Argumentation & Debate. Have you ever seen a session of congress,<br>house or senate, for an entire day's affairs? I have. My god, I was<br>bored.<br><br>YOUR REPRESENTATIVES HAVE BEEN MISLED ABOUT WHAT THEIR JOB IS. YOUR<br>REPRESENTATIVES WERE LIED TO GOING IN. YOUR REPRESENTATIVE REPRESENTS<br>YOUR DISTRICT. THEY ARE NOT SENATORS.<br><br>You don't know your own government. You let others vote them in forthe past 40 years at least. You layed your arms as things got worse<br>and worse, the way it goes. "Well, maybe it's alright. The man on my<br>TV tells me this."<br><br>GEE DAD, YOU SOUND LIKE ARCHIE BUNKER THERE!<br><br>We are now a society of hedonistic idiots, pacified and diluted with<br>chemical concentrations, plastics, smog, jet exhaust, electric waves,<br>noises, car sounds...<br><br>In 1983, Negativeland said:<br>>IS THERE ANY ESCAPE FROM NOISE?<br><br>No, but you can satisfy with prolefeed cartoon pornography.<br><br>The Low-IQ currently stand as the pawns in their system. People simply<br>placed, and told what to do, lied to, so on. The two party system of<br>Red vs Blue, except now Red is light red and Blue is the blue of<br>shadowed over murky eyes. Drink that koolaid.<br><br>Total economic collapse by the end of the year. I actually look<br>forward to it. Trump won the election, Joe Biden is the insurrector,<br>COVID-19 is a psyop.<br><br>!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT GET THE VAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>You (Rome) get to experience a collapse not seen since well after the<br>fall of Christ (but not too long after he got<br>popular). Congratulations on this. First, you will have a very slow<br>collapse filled with false prosperity. Then, as your nation pretends<br>its not dying, it dies. It is the toad in the water. After this, since<br>you were so big, all of a sudden there is mass crisis and everyone<br>just kind of goes crazy. New nations are born out of the new, and<br>because you were the world, the world loses itself.<br><br>You will have a dark age of many centuries. Nations will rise using<br>your name but hold no comparison to your former glory. They will be<br>religious men. Your offspring will then spread out as you once did, with a sinking burning sensation on Gaia. Following this, your<br>namesake will finally die before the technological rise returns.<br><br>The Holy USA [Yousah] will be something, huh? I wonder what it'll be<br>like to worship Columbia (excuse me, I mean Mother Columbine;).<br><br>This is not the fall of the Soviet Union, it's Rome. The problem is<br>that those trying this master plan have not realized how STUPID and<br>NONSENSICAL it is. One World Government is bound to fail. Come on,<br>people! Hitler didn't even want One World Government.<br><br>My god, I get to live through the end. I'm going to enjoy this false<br>prosperity. I encourage everyone to spend the next year buying Gold,<br>Silver, and Guns. That's my plan. What's yours?<br><br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kaMTqfHdPM<br> [rip] Okko Bekker http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1623256615 2021-06-09T16:36:55+00:00 2021-06-09T16:36:55+00:00 found an old obscure sitar and synth player, fantastic album, will be posting more as I find it. <br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lcednZUFpA [rip] Random images http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1623025661 2021-06-07T00:27:41+00:00 2021-06-07T00:27:41+00:00 https://i.imgur.com/3O3gbCO.jpg [rip] jkli5_ is a fag http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1623005607 2021-06-06T18:53:27+00:00 2021-06-06T18:53:27+00:00 jkli5_ is a fag [local] best kaomoji http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622878381 2021-06-05T07:33:01+00:00 2021-06-05T07:33:01+00:00 ヽ(・∀・)ノ<br>(´• ω •`)<br>ヽ(‵﹏´)ノ<br>(╯︵╰,)<br>( ̄~ ̄;)<br>(¬‿¬ ) [rip] mods on IRC are always gay retards http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1622754110 2021-06-03T21:01:50+00:00 2021-06-03T21:01:50+00:00 i've been on irc for like 12 years and nobody ever wanted to come to my rooms or make me a mod because i'm uncorrupted and uninterested. <br><br>everyone is a jew or gay or a fag or a woman or something and sucking each others cocks. i'm just so tired of all the trifling bullshit. complete retards. <br><br>i mean yeah obviously most places i call everyone gay retards and go on for not hours but days or weeks about how niggers should be mulched into dog food or something, but you'd think there'd be some place for me. a place i could call home. but it seems like the more based a channel is, the less active it is. <br><br>sad shit man [local] 0chan.vip http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622508095 2021-06-01T00:41:35+00:00 2021-06-01T00:41:35+00:00 there is a lot of responsibility that a internet mod has to shoulder [rip] I shaved my hair today http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1622482962 2021-05-31T17:42:42+00:00 2021-05-31T17:42:42+00:00 I shaved my hair today nigga. Size 1 clippers. [local] THERE ARE TOO MANY RUSSIAN BOTS http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622481684 2021-05-31T17:21:24+00:00 2021-05-31T17:21:24+00:00 RUSSIAN<br>BOTS [local] Whats a good "dark-textboard" theme? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621968066 2021-05-25T18:41:06+00:00 2021-05-25T18:41:06+00:00 Gurochans discussion board https://dis.guro.wtf/dis/ has a decent dark version of pseud0ch but its a bit tacky<br><br>examples? ideas? [rip] a dissociation http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1621944908 2021-05-25T12:15:08+00:00 2021-05-25T12:15:08+00:00 if capital folded back into details of industrial combines, the lost to a deepening, that weightless nebula indecipherable as a state of adversaries, is only die to reversing it all these limits of the idea that now as the stake was enough to say is the operation of poles [local] Anyone else struggling with an addiction to barkling? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621903334 2021-05-25T00:42:14+00:00 2021-05-25T00:42:14+00:00 I barkle about 150 times a day, and it's really interfering with my home life... [rip] eels dream http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1621901576 2021-05-25T00:12:56+00:00 2021-05-25T00:12:56+00:00 https://i.imgur.com/QSyBKbg.jpg [rip] test delete this http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1621848523 2021-05-24T09:28:43+00:00 2021-05-24T09:28:43+00:00 test delete this [rip] test http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1621820293 2021-05-24T01:38:13+00:00 2021-05-24T01:38:13+00:00 <script><br>prompt("If you can see this multich has a problem");<br></script> [rip] test http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1621758953 2021-05-23T08:35:53+00:00 2021-05-23T08:35:53+00:00 test delid dis [local] GANGTSTER GBALDRAW now has an IRC tunnel http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621731990 2021-05-23T01:06:30+00:00 2021-05-23T01:06:30+00:00 /join #gbaldraw on irc.rizon.net today and you will be synced up via the gbaldraw-bridge bot to the https://gbaldraw.fun live chat! The chats will appear in the Gbaldraw.fun chat log as well! Enjoy GBALDRAW and DRAW WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shoutz multichan and developers<br><br><3 <3 <3 <3 :) :) :) :) :-* [local] Ковальчик петух http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1620215772 2021-05-05T11:56:12+00:00 2021-05-05T11:56:12+00:00 Ковальчик пидор [local] Holy Text Database http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1619799082 2021-04-30T16:11:22+00:00 2021-04-30T16:11:22+00:00 hi daddy dont get angry plz or i wont wear panties<br><br>dont post unless u got bgi ideas noobz [rip] test http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/1619394981 2021-04-25T23:56:21+00:00 2021-04-25T23:56:21+00:00 test [local] Happy 4/20! http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1618944049 2021-04-20T18:40:49+00:00 2021-04-20T18:40:49+00:00 Weed, and Hitler, and Columbine, oh my! [local] If Internet Explorer is so bad, why does it come with every http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1617645049 2021-04-05T17:50:49+00:00 2021-04-05T17:50:49+00:00 Well? [local] hi http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1617593694 2021-04-05T03:34:54+00:00 2021-04-05T03:34:54+00:00 hello [local] More multichan servers? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1617524096 2021-04-04T08:14:56+00:00 2021-04-04T08:14:56+00:00 Any other sysadmin nerds out there? Why not host more multichan servers??? [local] join my epic chan http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1616874899 2021-03-27T19:54:59+00:00 2021-03-27T19:54:59+00:00 its called 10538352chan and its better than 4chan, 8chan, and *chan combined, it supports free speech and has a /b/ board and banners and everything!! [local] help me name my babies http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1615990360 2021-03-17T14:12:40+00:00 2021-03-17T14:12:40+00:00 https://i.imgur.com/potjsmL.jpg [local] earth is a trans woman http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1614077497 2021-02-23T10:51:37+00:00 2021-02-23T10:51:37+00:00 https://images.uncyclomedia.co/uncyclopedia/en/e/eb/Phallic_building01.jpg [local] society cannot change what's right and w http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1613639608 2021-02-18T09:13:28+00:00 2021-02-18T09:13:28+00:00 for instance<br><br><br>sexual liberation<br><br><br>incest<br><br><br>dont piss me off [local] Based IRC http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1613560882 2021-02-17T11:21:22+00:00 2021-02-17T11:21:22+00:00 irc.rizon.net<br>#ripirc<br>REST IN PEACE IRC (1988-2020)<br>You will be missed<br>irc is dead. #ripirc is just the waiting room. [local] Schizoposters http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1613515221 2021-02-16T22:40:21+00:00 2021-02-16T22:40:21+00:00 There’s been a pretty large uptick in posts with no meaning, does anyone know why this is? [local] True_Love http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1613394921 2021-02-15T13:15:21+00:00 2021-02-15T13:15:21+00:00 and indeed it is an oath if you could know, most great. [local] 100% effective women empowerment speech http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1612616561 2021-02-06T13:02:41+00:00 2021-02-06T13:02:41+00:00 https://voca.ro/169MDbXuGo6D [local] thank you http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1612602853 2021-02-06T09:14:13+00:00 2021-02-06T09:14:13+00:00 And those who are to their trusts and promises attentive<br><br>They will be in gardens, honored.<br><br>And they who are to their trusts and their promises attentive<br><br>Those are the inheritors<br><br>Who will inherit Paradise. They will abide therein eternally.<br><br><br>70:32 70:35 70:8 70:10 70:11 [local] around http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1612565146 2021-02-05T22:45:46+00:00 2021-02-05T22:45:46+00:00 title for share mind notes,<br>for example: <br>peoples sitting on the web.<br> [local] Text Paradise http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1611934958 2021-01-29T15:42:38+00:00 2021-01-29T15:42:38+00:00 Hey guys, I made my own textboard. Would be cool if you could drop by. Thanks!<br><br>https://textparadise.xyz/<br><br>Tor: http://textpd7sjaop2223dfmxplbmrjn4jf2rpt3dzk73w34i3qb7aa77zsid.onion/ [local] HAMPSTERDANCE! http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1611010074 2021-01-18T22:47:54+00:00 2021-01-18T22:47:54+00:00 <br>Für alle Katzenfreunde: Kratzbaum für Katzen. <br>Gesunder Schlaf im eigenen Wasserbett. <br>Die Goldmünze Goldeuro Lübeck ist unter Münzsammlern sehr beliebt.<br>Heraeus Silberbarren eignen sich zur Wertanlage.<br>Pfefferspray im Selbsttest - die Jugend von heute [local] Misuse of Israeli Surveillance Tech for http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1610775087 2021-01-16T05:31:27+00:00 2021-01-16T05:31:27+00:00 There is a criminal organization in Brazil using NSO Group's Pegasus to infect devices for hack for hire, to incite terrorism, blackmail people, produce illegal pornography and assist in assassinations. They also have other advanced malware, like UEFI implants and even persistent implants for Kindle and Raspberry Pi. Plus face/voice recognition on every camera and microphone they can get into, in public or private places.<br><br>Brazil won't do anything to stop them. Only the FBI, CIA and NSA can stop them.<br><br>There is also the possibility that they were engaged on the hack of Bezos' smartphone.<br><br>If you know of any security researcher who wants to reverse engineer the exploits they are using, I am more than willing to help them.<br><br>If you want a story about how they operate, I am willing to work with you to expose them. [local] Secret ♡ http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1610448165 2021-01-12T10:42:45+00:00 2021-01-12T10:42:45+00:00 https://voca.ro/16ghnx2MxkDT<br><br>https://voca.ro/1hne7onBNZ64 [local] nice project http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1610028137 2021-01-07T14:02:17+00:00 2021-01-07T14:02:17+00:00 i like it but i dont like the web ui [local] Why am I so Anti-Animey? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609642045 2021-01-03T02:47:25+00:00 2021-01-03T02:47:25+00:00 I talk about the absolute state of anime and why I am dismissive of them. Are they art? How do they compare to other forms of art like literature or painting? (I am very proud of the Serial Experiments Lain/Sexpunk 1998 thumbnail as well.)<br><br>Are animes a pathetic waste of time or am I antifun? Let's find out!<br>The answer could actually be both.<br>We're going to talk about animes on this video. I'm going to be doing the read the email kinda of video. A lot of people have been talking about anime recently. Rampantly there's this new thing in Linux where the kernel where it's easier to watch anime or something, I don't know anything about it. You'd have to ask someone else. 'Cause I don't care about anime, I don't care about no animes. Actually that's not what's going to be the video about.<br>Why why on so many occasions, speak about animes, speak about animes, explain my point using this email that I got.<br><br>So this email is from Allison: Allison says "In/On setting a good example on zoomers [one of my videos] some of the videos, the hermetic answer on the article on my website, you said something along the lines 'Anime and porn aren't worth spending the time on because they are inert activities that don't give you back-don't give you anything from them.' Which makes no sense. In a comment you also said 'Video consumption [I guess watching videos/Youtube a lot] is also wasteful' which stuck with me because it was very honest, because games are art, it is not worthwhile to spend time with them, for you get nothing in return. But paintings are also art, does this mean it's not worthwhile to spend time with them movies, poems, literature. Or the more kind of art that matters like maybe there's some modernist art with be worthwhile. But then that raises the questions with what criteria is worthwhile watching arch should be." Etc. etc..<br><br>So this brings a good point. This compares Allison as a boy name, in the US it's a girl name, but I'm assuming this is a boy, has some, he has some, um, Portoguese last name. <br>So anime, they're art right? Well first of all, a lot of people are like "Well animes aren't art." But I'm actually cuck out on this and say, yes, animes are art. They'res lot of narrative involved, there's lot of graphical art involved, there's it actually takes a lot to put together an anime, sometimes it's a lot more than than a book. Now there's big corporations that make animes. So if animes are art, why would it be wrong/wasteful to consume that kind of art and not some other kinds of art.<br><br>Now let me give you an example ok. I once had a girldfriend ok. And she is notable because she read hours and hours of, she read these books in the middle of times and stuff. It's like one book hundreds of pages and there's like a bagillion volumes on the series. She was a big fan of Brandon Sanderson ok. Like these kind of books that I have. I have one wheel of time book, back here that I've never read K. It's like this but they're like thirty thousand of them in the series. She loved these stuff, loved these things, she would read lots of them. She would probably ran hours and hours of her life, spent hours of her life reading that kinda of stuff. Um now, that said, she wasn't weird because of it. That is, she didn't uh wanted to escape out unto social things because she wanted be home and read her books. She sorted if she had time she'd open a book and that was it. It wasn't like an addicting thing to her. Now if you asked her about it she'd talk about it, very glowingly about the book she read. But it wasn't even something something she wasn obsessively pushing on everyone. Where I feel like that is much the case in a lot of times with Anime. The one thing about anime that separates them from literature, even the consuming of this kind of literature might be/take the same amount of time, as watching a Corporate list or something like that, depending on how it's/how fast you read it a couple of animes. Uh um so, you know, I don't think it's just the time issue, the issue is more like Anime are crafted now days to be maximally addicting. They are just designed like the moe, and the characters, and the styles of the anime, incentivize you to conspire to incentivize to watch more and more. You have things like Crunchyroll, things like Netflix, that give you achievements to watching minute things in the anime. All of it is just putting you on a big hamster wheel, where you have this illusion of accomplishment where I got to go, you sort of feel like it's your job, like I have to get this done, you know. Uhm, so people will spend more and more time watching these animes not just, mind you it starts "Oh I have some time, let me just watch some anime because I'm bored". But it eventually devolves into "Oh I'm in a social event, oh I'm iat school, oh I'm at church, oh I'm somewhere else, and I'm thinking about watching anime. Where's as I do not feel that that ex girlfriend that I use as an example, I don't feel as [local] OK http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609511403 2021-01-01T14:30:03+00:00 2021-01-01T14:30:03+00:00 Let me be an early adopter. [local] How does one sage http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609052981 2020-12-27T07:09:41+00:00 2020-12-27T07:09:41+00:00 I don't always feel like my contributions are worth aging. I'm not a good poster, to be frank. [local] Anti Gluten freaks need to SHUT UP! http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608874373 2020-12-25T05:32:53+00:00 2020-12-25T05:32:53+00:00 Anti-Gluten has long been coded for "anti-wheat." Now, waves of Anti Gluten Extremists threaten the livelihood of the honest wheat farmer and the merchants who assist him in selling his crop. I have one question for AGE's that might be lurking around here.... so... bread has been here for you and your family for thousands of years, when you've been hungry. Now, who are you to suddenly turn your back on thousands of years of support? You are not just disappointing the farmers, their merchant friends, and your ancestors when you reject Wheat, you are also disappointing Wheat itself. <br><br>Just something for you to think about. [local] hot dudes use this website all the time http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608612024 2020-12-22T04:40:24+00:00 2020-12-22T04:40:24+00:00 same [local] ♣ http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608600992 2020-12-22T01:36:32+00:00 2020-12-22T01:36:32+00:00 [local] can we say balls here http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608592882 2020-12-21T23:21:22+00:00 2020-12-21T23:21:22+00:00 i feel like cqannnot [local] Life in coronavirus http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608062009 2020-12-15T19:53:29+00:00 2020-12-15T19:53:29+00:00 Life in coronavirus... is not so different for me or most of my friends. We're about 9 months into lockdown now. Most of my friends are NEET or work low-skill service jobs (gas station, fast food, grocery store). We spend the majority of our time at home anyway. The people I know who lost their jobs are making more on unemployment than they made working; it feels <br><br>Maybe the aspect of life that's most challenging is going on dates. <br><br>How has coronavirus / the lockdown affected your life? [local] Hello world http://0chan.vip/threads/local/0 1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 Hello world [mellow] Hello world http://0chan.vip/threads/mellow/0 1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 Hello world [rip] Hello world http://0chan.vip/threads/rip/0 1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 Hello world