local @ 0chan Anonymous http://0chan.vip/threads/local 2021-07-11T23:10:12+00:00 heyuri.net is a honeypot http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1626045012 2021-07-11T23:10:12+00:00 2021-07-11T23:10:12+00:00 editing posts? check<br>doxxing people? check<br>hosting child porn? check<br>self-victimization? check<br>censorship? check<br>yup, its yuri kuznetsov time! kuz is fucking retarded http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1625986448 2021-07-11T06:54:08+00:00 2021-07-11T06:54:08+00:00 Told u not to take the jab 2 weeks later.. multichanners STILL crying over kuz http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1625874455 2021-07-09T23:47:35+00:00 2021-07-09T23:47:35+00:00 it's so sad that kuz vanished from this site<br>whats the scoop? BlackBerry Playbook http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1625696881 2021-07-07T22:28:01+00:00 2021-07-07T22:28:01+00:00 Hello. Recently I bought a BlackBerry Playbook. I'm very happy to say that it's working perfectly with this website. The person who made this software is a genius and should get a Nobel Prize for Peace or at least a Nobel Prize for Chemistry. That is my opinion. What do you think? covid19 jab facts that actually arent fake news http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1625662954 2021-07-07T13:02:34+00:00 2021-07-07T13:02:34+00:00 iant spam allow me to speak (noobz)<br><br><br>it's just a flu, we're prone to bad hedache and airborne infections at crowded places since ever, duh<br><br>the jabbed ones are shedding the mutant virus themselves - look @ englend covid stats update surprise mf (OHhhh)<br><br>it's not real - the people's fear of it manifested it, the more scared they are they more likely they are to get it<br><br>the subsequent jab dose rly gona sterile u other than killing u faster than fluorine, if they really wanted to contain the disease they wouldnt have allowed to host their football games but ogh wAIT covi is fake)<br><br>lmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just gona watch the babon bamboozel themselves Ex-admin K^z psyops Fchan to defame 0chan / Multichan http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1625616959 2021-07-07T00:15:59+00:00 2021-07-07T00:15:59+00:00 https://fchan.xyz/public/107447034.png [0] <br><br>Fchan[1] is another approach to the ``federated chan software" idea, favoring Activitypub & ``gossip" style federation, as well as a heavily 4chan-inspired frontend, as opposed to Multichan's ``talkboard"[2] inspired frontend and stricter federation terms. They intend to provide a full 4chan experience for the Fediverse (Activitypub: pleroma, lemmy, etc) while multichan intends to add scrapers for other textboards, imageboards, and so on. While the software have different inspirations and different goals, the two projects have maintained friendly relations and have been working towards building bridges between them. <br><br>Fchan was excited to announce that they were the first federated anonboard to support clearnet <--> Tor connections (two way) on 2021-06-21[3] , when the public domain Multichan had already done so 2021-05-25[4]. When this false statement was corrected, we believe that the Fchan admin, outraged to have his pants pulled down by his brother in federated chans, decided to cooperate with kuz under the "enemy of my enemy is my friend" principle. In this week's edition of the Weekly Chans, a hit piece against 0chan.vip was published[5]: <br><br>>> GAY OPS ARE AFOOT AS MULTICHAN DESCENDS INTO HONEYPOT<br>> This is a developing situation, but it seems like the developers of 0chan.vip were gay fed pedophiles, at least according to OP and his proof. We have asked OP to take his meds, but the was this is going we might end up being the ones taking the meds instead. We will update you with additional info when we recieve it. <br>[sic]<br><br>Given that kuz-related spam has been dominating the majority of new threads created on our network for over a week now, one can only conclude that kuz and fchanmin have developed an alliance against Multichan, formed out of mutual jealousy for our space-age vision of what *chan technology can evolve into. This second hit piece against Multichan/0chan comes not one week after K&z/K@lyma posted a smear against our community and staff. This attack on the Multichan community comes as a complete surprise, as a staff member of the Multichan project was the second person to host the Fchannel software on clearnet, at https://bbs.killthepresident.club , has been helping the Fchannel admin bug-test, and has even offered to support the project in the near future. <br><br>Our article is not intended to defame or discredit the Fchannel community, but to only to document observed phenomenon, and repeat the truth. Remain vigilant against all enemies of the truth. <br><br>[0] image mirrored to imgur at bottom of post for multichan embed <br>[1] https://fchan.xyz ; https://github.com/FChannel0/FChannel-Server<br>[2] The frontend resembles Anontalk / Tinychan, vaguely. <br>[3] https://fchan.xyz/b/UPLEUPGT#4LFN2E3J<br>[4] https://github.com/153/multichan/commit/38c3c99c586d528557000b6a8fa4695f2677a8e0<br>[5] https://fchan.xyz/b/UPLEUPGT#MT8YRJAX<br><br>https://i.imgur.com/6vv2yXK.png Null's Statement on Electronic Free Speech http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1625548092 2021-07-06T05:08:12+00:00 2021-07-06T05:08:12+00:00 Do you agree or disagree with his position? <br>This was included in his latest warrant canary statement[1]: <br><br>> Please stop trying to censor the Internet. You are begging for a future where all online communication in the United States is regulated by a handful of megacorporations with all meaningful decisions taking place behind closed doors and having no appeals process.<br> <br>> "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin<br> <br>> We will lose everything if we continue down this path. Our world is scary, and with machine learning we are fast approaching an environment where all online consumption is expediently monitored and judged by unthinking, unfeeling machines designed for the sole purpose of generating assholes like Jeff Bezos an unfathomable amount of money.<br> <br>> If you believe that shutting down legal websites allowing people to say what they want is a way to safeguard against new censorship ("sites like this are why we can't have nice things"), you are falling prey to a contradictory logic where the only way to avoid censorship is to impose censorship on self.<br> <br>> If you're not being censored because you don't say censored things, then is a problem? Yes! This is how people behaved in East Germany and under Stalin. People were even afraid to think bad thoughts, on the off chance that those thoughts might manifest into criminal speech.<br> <br>> The Supreme Court will likely uphold the first amendment for decades to come, consolidate power in private industries that work nice with the government (look at how all these same companies have ongoing government contracts). In doing so, they can restrict or promote certain information to influence people and make regulatory changes which enforce their power more likely to happen.<br><br>[1] - https://git.kiwifarms.net/Null/Transparency/src/branch/master/2021/07/2021-07-01.txt.asc I wont spam anymore http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1625506418 2021-07-05T17:33:38+00:00 2021-07-05T17:33:38+00:00 :c oki Happy thread http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1625365026 2021-07-04T02:17:06+00:00 2021-07-04T02:17:06+00:00 What makes you anons happy? Done anything nice today? Drama is even worse than on 4chin http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1625074665 2021-06-30T17:37:45+00:00 2021-06-30T17:37:45+00:00 Jesus Christ guys, half of the posts are only drama, why can't any of you get along? Or is this the price to pay for decentralization? An XMPP server by 0chan http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1625003125 2021-06-29T21:45:25+00:00 2021-06-29T21:45:25+00:00 Would anyone want an XMPP account here if I set up a server? It seems pretty lightweight and easy to run. It's a great protocol for 1 on 1 private messaging, and the MUCs (with their bots and bridges) seem extremely promising horny post hazard do not enter http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624995209 2021-06-29T19:33:29+00:00 2021-06-29T19:33:29+00:00 no why som chinese wna eat wild bats and smelly pork http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624821550 2021-06-27T19:19:10+00:00 2021-06-27T19:19:10+00:00 wtf???????????????????????????????????<br><br>wtf?????????????????????????? shit retards say/shit you read [online] /srs/ http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624644917 2021-06-25T18:15:17+00:00 2021-06-25T18:15:17+00:00 shit retards say/shit you read [online] /srs/ what the title says, quoted, cite and laugh Reminder to new users, as we grow http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624577784 2021-06-24T23:36:24+00:00 2021-06-24T23:36:24+00:00 Most websites have a rules page that can be seen here: <br>> http://0chan.vip/rules<br><br>If you wondered why your post was deleted, it probably violated rule #1. Most of the posts we've deleted are either out-right spam or are using hate speech just for the sake of using hate speech. <br><br>There are other Multichan servers who seem to allow spam or hate speech. Go use one of them, or consider hosting your own server where you can be assured that another person's conflicting moderation philosophy won't spoil your fun. <br><br>We rarely ban users, thinking that deletes will generally get the message across. It's worth reminding the community that use of https://0chan.vip is a privilege, not a right. Although Multichan is public domain software, meaning you can use it for whatever purposes you want, https://0chan.vip is a private service offered by the developer to demonstrate the software's current state of development, and to allow interesting people to have interesting conversations in a relaxed place. Your posts or ability to post may vanish at any point for any reason. If you try to be a good community member, though, that probably won't happen. Statement from Ripirc http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624574862 2021-06-24T22:47:42+00:00 2021-06-24T22:47:42+00:00 The Regents of Ripirc:<br>Do to the recent attack on ripirc by the tranny kuz, we have suspended posting until our sysadmin returns from visiting his grandma in the hospital and can log into the ripirc mainframe to "mop it up, janny".<br>Thank you for your understanding in this matter. Bad Multich Leadership isolates potential new nodes http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624541369 2021-06-24T13:29:29+00:00 2021-06-24T13:29:29+00:00 Terrible! 0chan stands with the kolyma network http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624472571 2021-06-23T18:22:51+00:00 2021-06-23T18:22:51+00:00 <i>this comment was deleted</i> fake philosophy s2 http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624366141 2021-06-22T12:49:01+00:00 2021-06-22T12:49:01+00:00 just love everyone<br>________________________<br>sound g0od soun ncie<br>whoever said this first they're stupid like dick/foreskin<br>i cant even begin how to explain how stupid this is dafuk<br>love belongs to God, not the people<br>affection is not for the infidels<br>why are people fake as SHIT fuck gon compromise every time for every thing, finally left just fake shit<br><br><br><br>ill stop typing for now<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br> my internet is so slow http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624286350 2021-06-21T14:39:10+00:00 2021-06-21T14:39:10+00:00 0.15 download 0.29 upload Slowdown on development - hardware troubles http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624156282 2021-06-20T02:31:22+00:00 2021-06-20T02:31:22+00:00 So... My thinkpad is having troubles! The USB C charge port is taking a very loose fit of the charge cable. I've ordered a new USB C charger and plan to clean the jack and see if the new cable works... If not, the machine is thankfully under warranty.<br><br>It's so frustrating. I've never had a laptop jack go out on me before. The power jack is probably the worst jack to fail of all them!<br><br>Another fix could be getting an external battery charger and installing an internal to handle hot swaps, but that's so janky and annoying. I really would rather not FEDERATION IS YET AGAIN BROKEN http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624038177 2021-06-18T17:42:57+00:00 2021-06-18T17:42:57+00:00 STOP UPDATING SO MUCH Damned piglets are so togither in this isnt it http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1624002228 2021-06-18T07:43:48+00:00 2021-06-18T07:43:48+00:00 How touching<br>Bitch class rep ignored me after calling me karen antivac<br>Lol i never needed to be inside the pig herd fucking pigs <br><br>They compensated the blood clots peep meaning they admit there's shit in the jab. Also they never bother to ask or check their medical statuses on the early stages err duh it's because the experts care for u dunt u kno<br><br>Why do pro vaxxers want to be pro vaxxers? Because they dumb and they don't know science, that's why<br><br>How can they mock names like karen or felicia so casually these days. Some nice people still have these names ugh damn God damned people<br><br>Anyways we need at most two years to see if theres gona be a surge in number of abnormal newborn<br><br>Oh some elderly died and few other younger people "but thats like uh.. not me..." isee it now everybody really cares about each other<br><br>How touching ITT WE SHARE THE HOTTEST PRON http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623995429 2021-06-18T05:50:29+00:00 2021-06-18T05:50:29+00:00 Let's jerking off together!<br><br>https://i.imgur.com/kbuCp3r.png !! http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623841745 2021-06-16T11:09:05+00:00 2021-06-16T11:09:05+00:00 HAIL ERIS!<br><br>>K Chinese 20-somethings are rejecting the rat race and http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623632573 2021-06-14T01:02:53+00:00 2021-06-14T01:02:53+00:00 > More and more Chinese 20-somethings are rejecting the rat race and 'lying flat' after watching their friends work themselves to death<br>https://www.insider.com/disenchanted-chinese-youth-join-a-mass-movement-to-lie-flat-2021-6<br><br>It is 8 a.m. in Shanghai. Scores of office workers are pouring into the dizzying network of the city's metro lines, toting heavy briefcases and steaming cups of coffee. Meanwhile, Zhiyuan Zhang, 27, is tucking himself into bed. <br><br>"8 a.m. means it's time to lie down," Zhang told Insider. "Though I don't have a job to go to, so I can lie down anytime. It's great." <br><br>Zhang is a Chinese millennial who has joined the ranks of a social movement called 躺平主义 — the "lying flat movement." It's a mindset, a lifestyle, and a personal choice for some disillusioned Chinese youth who have given up on the rat race and are staging a quiet rebellion against the trials of 9-9-6 work culture.<br><br>The idea of "lying flat" is widely acknowledged as a mass societal response to "neijuan" (or involution). "Neijuan" became a term commonly used to describe the hyper-competitive lifestyle in China, where life is likened to a zero-sum game.<br><br>Neijuan goes hand in hand with China's "9-9-6" culture. The term refers to China's "hustle" culture, where people work 12 hours a day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week. The 9-9-6 lifestyle was strongly championed by Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, who once in 2019 called the 72-hour workweek a "blessing." Long workdays are not only common but "expected" of staff, despite China's labor policy mandating that employees not work more than eight hours a day.<br><br>There are many ways to "lie flat," per The Washington Post, including not getting married and starting a family, and rejecting overtime work and desk jobs.<br><br>"Since there has never been an ideological trend exalting human subjectivity in our land, I shall create one for myself. Lying down is my wise man's movement. Only by lying down can humans become the measure of all things," the anonymous author of the "Lying Flat Manifesto" wrote. <br><br>The movement gained momentum on the Douban social media site (akin to the Chinese version of Facebook), which resulted in huge online communities forming, like the "lying flat group," where users would post photos of animals and other creatures in a prone position. Per The Washington Post, the 9,000-member-strong "lying flat" community on Douban was removed by censors.<br><br> fake philosophy http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623614840 2021-06-13T20:07:20+00:00 2021-06-13T20:07:20+00:00 fake shit new age ideology - versus me (the princess of Mankind and my Lord is<br>the God of Mankind)<br><br>_____<br><br><br><br>be free of hate - i hate wickedness and evil stupid btich<br><br>everybody is for every body else (sexual liberation) -A I D S matherfuke can't outrun my Lord<br><br><br>don't judge others - rather judge with justice i always can afford all the consequences and repercussions because i'm extremely powerful BITCH i'm richer than US government paid ISIS lunch moneys fucking hypcrite and extreme criminals fuck shit<br>logical thinking is guidance from God<br>knowledge of science belongs to God<br><br><br>u can do whtever u want - but u shouldn't fuck ur mom or ur dog<br><br><br>all is positive and love - no what the fuck<br><br><br>"u r god" - And whoever of them should say, "Indeed, I am a god besides Him"- that one We would recompense with Hell. Thus do We recompense the wrongdoers.<br><br><br><br><br>gona add more later stay tuned till i ReTuRn NOOBZ<br><br> my diary no entry http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623521586 2021-06-12T18:13:06+00:00 2021-06-12T18:13:06+00:00 yaw ugh one btich try an use shitty twitter quotes to bring me down tried an tell me almost as if everythign revolves around me<br><br>ughh bihtxc of course i m the princess the worlds<br><br>anyways random bitch can't make me think someting that i'm not<br>stupit bitc<br><br> Your Future http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623477890 2021-06-12T06:04:50+00:00 2021-06-12T06:04:50+00:00 I was born in the former United States. How interesting a ring it<br>has. I get to speak it now. Did the Yugoslovian feel the same<br>wonderful anxiety? That's where mosts mind goes: Former Soviet Block,<br>Christmas Day 1991.<br><br>Then there's people like me who see the big picture; the self-educated<br>who knows what lay beyond those grim years of the 20th Century (and<br>free from nostalgic lore, mind you). We are not the Soviet Union! We<br>are not even Europe. You exclaim "We're Wiemar!" HA! That's not true<br>either, though it shares many similarities.<br><br>> What then, soothsayer, is the truth? Who am I?<br><br>A noble question. "Who am I?" Double HA!<br><br>WE ARE ROME<br><br>AND WE ARE INTERNATIONALIZED<br><br>The American Republic has been Rome in great decline for<br>years. Because of the UN (Globalist) Bullshit, it has used in the past<br>American Influence (on behest of Israel) to corrupt the Rome and<br>spread it international. All nations are dependent on the dollar. To<br>get rid of the Dollar is to commit a crime against humanity. We are<br>falling. Therefore, Rome is falling. And this is deliberate.<br><br>The SARS-CoV-19 virus was manufactured. The SARS-CoV-19 virus killedonly 15000 people in 2020 when you remove the fake deaths. The<br>SARS-CoV-19 virus was made by the Chinese Communist Party, and we<br>founded it. It is a CONSPIRACY that has BEFALLEN THE WORLD! The JEWS<br>in power, the wonderful group they are, of bankers and thieves. Those<br>that own all, and see all, and play the game. The same people that<br>Trump left (Not a 33rd) to run for office and claim to be against<br>(((them))) [read: his former associates]. They created this FEAR PORN<br>campaign to do all this.<br><br>They are the corrupter. They are the infingers. They take what has<br>existed in history, which they have distorted beyond all actual figure<br>in the public brainwashing education and actually use it against the<br>unsuspecting public.<br><br>>Zuh Oh my God, guys. Trump is literally a Hitler!<br><br>How dare you insult Hitler like that :-)<br><br>They've devalued the dollar. Do you think they actually don;t know<br>what they're doing? I remember the old loons who used to say Kim<br>Jon-Un was the front-man for a CIA Fake Nation. It all stemmed off of<br>the fact that people previously believed the government shown might<br>not be the actual government. Hermit nation, ya know? The Jusche Party<br>has to be the supreme party per their constitution. They are a<br>Three-Party System turned into a two party system. Quite reflective.<br><br>The Congressman, the Bureaucrat, and the Newsman are their<br>patsies. They are their pawns. They try to eliminate "The<br>Filibuster", a natural strategy developed within the civil laws of<br>Argumentation & Debate. Have you ever seen a session of congress,<br>house or senate, for an entire day's affairs? I have. My god, I was<br>bored.<br><br>YOUR REPRESENTATIVES HAVE BEEN MISLED ABOUT WHAT THEIR JOB IS. YOUR<br>REPRESENTATIVES WERE LIED TO GOING IN. YOUR REPRESENTATIVE REPRESENTS<br>YOUR DISTRICT. THEY ARE NOT SENATORS.<br><br>You don't know your own government. You let others vote them in forthe past 40 years at least. You layed your arms as things got worse<br>and worse, the way it goes. "Well, maybe it's alright. The man on my<br>TV tells me this."<br><br>GEE DAD, YOU SOUND LIKE ARCHIE BUNKER THERE!<br><br>We are now a society of hedonistic idiots, pacified and diluted with<br>chemical concentrations, plastics, smog, jet exhaust, electric waves,<br>noises, car sounds...<br><br>In 1983, Negativeland said:<br>>IS THERE ANY ESCAPE FROM NOISE?<br><br>No, but you can satisfy with prolefeed cartoon pornography.<br><br>The Low-IQ currently stand as the pawns in their system. People simply<br>placed, and told what to do, lied to, so on. The two party system of<br>Red vs Blue, except now Red is light red and Blue is the blue of<br>shadowed over murky eyes. Drink that koolaid.<br><br>Total economic collapse by the end of the year. I actually look<br>forward to it. Trump won the election, Joe Biden is the insurrector,<br>COVID-19 is a psyop.<br><br>!!!!!!!!!!!DO NOT GET THE VAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br><br>You (Rome) get to experience a collapse not seen since well after the<br>fall of Christ (but not too long after he got<br>popular). Congratulations on this. First, you will have a very slow<br>collapse filled with false prosperity. Then, as your nation pretends<br>its not dying, it dies. It is the toad in the water. After this, since<br>you were so big, all of a sudden there is mass crisis and everyone<br>just kind of goes crazy. New nations are born out of the new, and<br>because you were the world, the world loses itself.<br><br>You will have a dark age of many centuries. Nations will rise using<br>your name but hold no comparison to your former glory. They will be<br>religious men. Your offspring will then spread out as you once did, with a sinking burning sensation on Gaia. Following this, your<br>namesake will finally die before the technological rise returns.<br><br>The Holy USA [Yousah] will be something, huh? I wonder what it'll be<br>like to worship Columbia (excuse me, I mean Mother Columbine;).<br><br>This is not the fall of the Soviet Union, it's Rome. The problem is<br>that those trying this master plan have not realized how STUPID and<br>NONSENSICAL it is. One World Government is bound to fail. Come on,<br>people! Hitler didn't even want One World Government.<br><br>My god, I get to live through the end. I'm going to enjoy this false<br>prosperity. I encourage everyone to spend the next year buying Gold,<br>Silver, and Guns. That's my plan. What's yours?<br><br>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kaMTqfHdPM<br> drinkin piss http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623294659 2021-06-10T03:10:59+00:00 2021-06-10T03:10:59+00:00 who likes drinkin piss? drinkin piss is gods gift to man nicotine vaping general http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623281323 2021-06-09T23:28:43+00:00 2021-06-09T23:28:43+00:00 Vape general! Share info on boxes / coils, talk about your juice you got, talk about vaping in news and politics, ask questions. <br><br>I currently use a SMOK "G-Priv Baby" box mod with a Geek Vape "Zeus X 25mm RTA" tank. not sure what vape juices are really the right ones for me yet, but it's a nice setup Blue Lotus Hash http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623265005 2021-06-09T18:56:45+00:00 2021-06-09T18:56:45+00:00 Micronized blue lotus was combined with 91% isopropyl alcohol and let sit in a dark place for 4-5 days and occassionally shaken. On day 5, poured into a bowl without straining, the material naturally seperated and left me with mostly liquid in the bowl, which was reduced with evaporation. Evaporation was let to run for 24 hours and the result was a very potent blue lotus "hash" (hashish type material, except rocky and sticky.) No longer dusty like the powder I started with. I would guess it's about 15 stronger than smoking the original powder I started with, which I also tried cause I'm crazy. If you smoke powders, please put some weed or something to block it from choking you to death. Thanks.<br>The Blue Lotus Hash seems safe and very potent. GL. Other federated text/imageboards http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1623094931 2021-06-07T19:42:11+00:00 2021-06-07T19:42:11+00:00 > activitypub<br>https://github.com/FChannel0<br>https://fchan.xyz/<br>https://github.com/153/fedichan (read only)<br><br>> nntp <br>https://github.com/majestrate/nntpchan<br>(any clearnet nodes?) dumb bitch be like http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622977826 2021-06-06T11:10:26+00:00 2021-06-06T11:10:26+00:00 all hould be positive and l o e vbft<br>i hate wickedness and evil<br>dumb bitch eat dickz stupid bitch piss me off What shall i eat today http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622954038 2021-06-06T04:33:58+00:00 2021-06-06T04:33:58+00:00 Dont say dick noobz best kaomoji http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622878381 2021-06-05T07:33:01+00:00 2021-06-05T07:33:01+00:00 ヽ(・∀・)ノ<br>(´• ω •`)<br>ヽ(‵﹏´)ノ<br>(╯︵╰,)<br>( ̄~ ̄;)<br>(¬‿¬ ) Meat alternatives / ethical protein http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622616442 2021-06-02T06:47:22+00:00 2021-06-02T06:47:22+00:00 Eating one of those "Impossible Burgers" now. Seasoned it well, threw it on the grill for about 5 minutes, and put it in the fridge for a midnight snack. <br><br>got to say, grilling it was a great decision; seasoning it, too. Seems like it would be bland AF if I just threw it in a pan and ate it, even if I added cheese and pickles. Terrible Hackernews Posts http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622533860 2021-06-01T07:51:00+00:00 2021-06-01T07:51:00+00:00 Go to https://news.ycombinator.com/ and bring something back 0chan.vip http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622508095 2021-06-01T00:41:35+00:00 2021-06-01T00:41:35+00:00 there is a lot of responsibility that a internet mod has to shoulder THERE ARE TOO MANY RUSSIAN BOTS http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622481684 2021-05-31T17:21:24+00:00 2021-05-31T17:21:24+00:00 RUSSIAN<br>BOTS Vietnam Detects New Highly Transmissible Coronavirus Variant http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622402410 2021-05-30T19:20:10+00:00 2021-05-30T19:20:10+00:00 https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2021/05/29/1001590855/vietnam-detects-new-highly-transmissible-coronavirus-variant<br><br>> Vietnam Detects New Highly Transmissible Coronavirus Variant : Coronavirus Updates Vietnam's health ministry announced the discovery of the new variant on Saturday that has characteristics of two other strains.<br>> Vietnam has detected a new coronavirus variant that is highly transmissible and has features of two other strains.<br>> The announcement came on Saturday as the country is dealing with a recent spike of infections that started in May. Long says the new variant might be responsible for the latest surge, according to the AP. The new variant is more transmissible in the air and Long says scientists observed the variant's ability to replicate quickly in lab cultures, according to VnExpress. Boards vs Tags http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622370901 2021-05-30T10:35:01+00:00 2021-05-30T10:35:01+00:00 Chat with the developer about the new "boards" feature of Multich v1.6.0 <br><br>> Boards vs Tags<br>Tags are the underlying organizational model of threads, while boards are seeded as a copy of tags.<br>> Board owners<br>A board is "owned" on a specific host ( /b/board/password ) , entered once to check and refreshed to confirm . After that, thread moderation, comment moderation, and "message of the day" are moderated via a web interface. <br><br>>> Thread modes<br>> host thread @ 0 <br>Hide thread<br>> host thread @ 1 <br>Normal<br>> host thread @ 2 <br>Sticky thread -- show in special "sticky" list above regular threads<br>> host thread @ 3 <br>Sage thread -- show in special "sage" list below regular threads General theories of food http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1622368527 2021-05-30T09:55:27+00:00 2021-05-30T09:55:27+00:00 > Food can be reduced to 3 macros:<br>fat, protein, carbohydrate <br>> Food can be reduced to 4 flavors:<br>salty, sweet, bitter, sour <br>> Food can be reduced to basic categories:<br>fruit, meat, vegetable, grain Whats a good "dark-textboard" theme? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621968066 2021-05-25T18:41:06+00:00 2021-05-25T18:41:06+00:00 Gurochans discussion board https://dis.guro.wtf/dis/ has a decent dark version of pseud0ch but its a bit tacky<br><br>examples? ideas? test log http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621965744 2021-05-25T18:02:24+00:00 2021-05-25T18:02:24+00:00 spam 2021-05// The future of tags http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621930397 2021-05-25T08:13:17+00:00 2021-05-25T08:13:17+00:00 > Tag owners: <br>Through some registration process, a user can moderate posts, threads, and comments within a tag. This is similar to IRC, 8chan, or Reddit. There will also be janitors, who can only delete comments/threads or issue temporary bans. <br>> Tag view operators: <br>Currently, "+" is used to logically OR tags like Reddit/8chan (show everything in tagA and show everything in tagB together). Soon, "~" will be used to logically AND tags (only show threads in BOTH tagA and tagB) and negate "~". <br>> Possibly, namespaces:<br>The owner of a tag (such as #anime) owns ":subtags" (for example, #anime:oddtaxi ).<br>> Different sort methods <br>At some random point, sort by most replies, last reply, time created for threads will be possible <br><br>Things like stickies, locking, and permasage, or sage at all, are not something I've given much thought yet. <br><br>https://i.imgur.com/HLnt2Ax.png Tor Federation from Clearnet http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621910060 2021-05-25T02:34:20+00:00 2021-05-25T02:34:20+00:00 Repo has been updated so that it should be possible for clearnet nodes to federate with Tor without too much effort. <br><br>http://l2lkxx6dhhe6o6pkxj6m2nrdtmekmxoeunuklrkayolfqkjgz53rzbad.onion/ is a multichan node that's been translated into Finnish, so I have called it "Finns". How to make images in multich work http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621906427 2021-05-25T01:33:47+00:00 2021-05-25T01:33:47+00:00 https://i.imgur.com/075nF.jpg<br>1. In settings.py set these values:<br>> images = True<br>> ihost = "https://i.imgur.com/"<br><br>2. Make sure you're using the latest utils.py and viewer.py files: <br>> https://bitbucket.org/796f/multichan<br><br>3. Now, if someone links an image from "ihost", it should appear as an image at the bottom of the post. We are using https://i.imgur.com because we figure their moderation team is trustworthy enough. <br><br>The first linked image will be embedded at the bottom of the post. If you wish to enable multiple image embeds or use a different imagehost , look in utils.py at the imgur function. Anyone else struggling with an addiction to barkling? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621903334 2021-05-25T00:42:14+00:00 2021-05-25T00:42:14+00:00 I barkle about 150 times a day, and it's really interfering with my home life... How to rename a multich friend http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621790038 2021-05-23T17:13:58+00:00 2021-05-23T17:13:58+00:00 pirate said, on 2021-05-23 at 08:26 <br>> Speaking of which, horse fucker eels aside, I'm going to write a<br>> tool to make migrations easier. For now, here's the gist of how<br>> they happen. If a board changes URLs, our best practice for now<br>> is to assign the old URL / set of posts a new nickname, and then<br>> one can give the "proper" name to the new domain.<br>> Set the old board's URL to " " or similar in settings.py!<br>> The trick to "renaming" a board (e.g. from "old" to "new") is this :<br><br>First, replace every ./threads/*/*/old.txt with ./threads/*/*/new.txt<br>I did this by<br>> ls ./threads/*/*/old.txt > files.txt<br>and then I used an emacs macro to make every instance of (for example)<br>> ./threads/somewhere/12345/old.txt<br> become<br>> mv ./threads/somewhere/12345/old.txt ./threads/somewhere/12345/new.txt<br><br>Next, replace every instance of "old" in every threads/*/*/list.txt<br>with "new" -- generate a file list with<br>> ls ./threads/*/*/list.txt > files.txt<br>I again used emacs in this file to prefix every instance like<br>> ./threads/somewhere/12345/list.txt<br>with the rename command:<br>> sed -i "s/old/new/g" ./threads/somewhere/12345/list.txt<br><br>Finally,<br>> mv ./threads/old/ ./threads/new/<br>> sed -i "s/old/new/g" ./threads/list.txt<br>After you run python3 refresh.py, the board's name will have changed<br>properly, while >>replies stay intact. <br> Statement on association with peers http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621760207 2021-05-23T08:56:47+00:00 2021-05-23T08:56:47+00:00 Our decision to federate with nodes that do not appear to moderate content is not an endorsement of their policies or their user's policies. As the recent "stats" thread shows, 0chan removes sometimes substantial numbers of its own posts, and fair amounts of its peers. <br><br>One reason we refuse to allow hate speech on our own servers is because, morality and ethics aside, it's simply not a good look for the project. And if there are people who wish to use our server to spread hate, we would rather they stay the h*ll away. <br><br>Guilt by association plays commonly into fear tactics used by enemies of federation. But at the end of the day, it's important to keep in mind that (a) any anonymous person in the world can archive any public content, and (b) people who wish to stretch the limits of free speech will find a way to do so. <br><br>Multichan is a neutral technology. We plan to introduce more features into an web based admin panel to help people who are not UNIX wizards manage their boards, but we will not force any blocks/wordfilters/spam entries in the vanilla release. Free software is an important software, and we not only embrace but extend the ideals of free software by releasing multich into the public domain since the project began. This software belongs to no one, and it can be modified or used in any way you wish. You can even rebrand Multichan, put it on branded USB flash drives, and sell it for $200, we don't care. <br><br>The values of 0chan.vip (this individual instance) are expressed in our rules page linked at the top of the page. We do not want spam, hate speech, illegal content, or anything generally "obscene". This is a private server ran and moderated by an individual at his own expense. Not only does he do it for free, he pays to be a janny! <br><br>More importantly than dark thoughts one can take towards the Multichannel project (multich), we really do believe (rule #2) that federation is a means of establishing freedom, resisting censorship, allowing people to meet and share ideas they usually couldn't (barriers of time, space, class, culture, disability) ... our software is not fundamentally different than any other messageboard. <br><br>Don't be afraid to make a post about your passions or weird ideas! Let's make this a place that's fun to visit and hang out together and discuss things GANGTSTER GBALDRAW now has an IRC tunnel http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621731990 2021-05-23T01:06:30+00:00 2021-05-23T01:06:30+00:00 /join #gbaldraw on irc.rizon.net today and you will be synced up via the gbaldraw-bridge bot to the https://gbaldraw.fun live chat! The chats will appear in the Gbaldraw.fun chat log as well! Enjoy GBALDRAW and DRAW WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shoutz multichan and developers<br><br><3 <3 <3 <3 :) :) :) :) :-* test post, please ignore http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621687879 2021-05-22T12:51:19+00:00 2021-05-22T12:51:19+00:00 <img src="https://i.imgur.com/8z0v8r0.jpg"><p>as seen on https://4-ch.net/dqn/kareha.pl/1621686660 Multichan chat service expanded http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1621681470 2021-05-22T11:04:30+00:00 2021-05-22T11:04:30+00:00 Come join the official Multichan chat. It should have a working RSS updater for new threads -- perhaps for comments will come later. Otherwise, talk with the developers or members of our community! <br><br>Rules of decent civility apply. <br><br>> Web chat (guests allowed)<br>http://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=0chan<br><br>> IRC:<br>irc://irc.rizon.net/0chan<br>irc://irc.libera.chat/multich <br>> Matrix:<br>#multich:privacytools.io Richard Stallman - greasy pro-Russian Jewish Communist http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1620815003 2021-05-12T10:23:23+00:00 2021-05-12T10:23:23+00:00 Richard Stallman taught us that:<br>1. In America "you can get arrested without a reason."<br>2. Russian spy "Edward Snowden is a Great Hero."<br>3. HAMAS terrorists are the good guys, while Israel is a fascist state.<br>4. "The US military" are the "violent white supremacists." "The US owes reparations to Iraq for the damage it has done."<br>5. "The US military is poisoning [low-income] communities across the US with toxic chemicals."<br>6. It is wrong that "the US government has persecuted Julian Assange for a decade for Wikileaks' journalism."<br>7. "Publishing of leaked secret [American] information" is journalism, and not espionage or sabotage.<br>8. Terrorist Iranian dictatorship, trying to make a nuclear bomb, are the good guys, and America should ally with it.<br>9. "US today — plutocracy, extractivism and dooH niboR."<br>10. "US government doesn't try to operate fair taxation."<br>11. American "democracy is a sham."<br>12. "We must defeat [American] plutocracy."<br>13 "War is not the way to deal with" the totalitarian regimes.<br>14. Pre-teen children can "appear entirely willing."<br>15. Writing software unpaid makes you "free as in freedom."<br>16. There is nothing wrong with the Red Star GNU/Linux being used in North Korea as the totalitarian surveillance tool tracking any non approved communication. GNU GPL completely approves such use, because it gives their government users "freedom."<br>17. "Facebook should not be allowed to exist."<br>18. American corporations are the "enemy of your freedom", despite them creating jobs, quality products and paying taxes.<br>19. It is totally okay to work for totalitarian regimes, speak propaganda on RussiaToday and get paid in bitcoins by Karpeles.<br>20. Free software != free speech, and criticizing Stallman and his cult is a taboo, and will get you banned from all related IRC channels and forums.<br>21. RussiaToday and similiar anti-American sites are the best and most unbiased sources of information.<br>22. "China is wise" for banning "Tesla cars from entering military bases."<br>23. "US police are the thugs," while ghetto gangsters are the good guys. <br>24. "Defending borders and national symbols is the sure sign of a culture in decline".<br>25. "US should sign the land mine ban treaty," and also ban military robots to put itself at a disadvantage, and risk American lives, where a drone can be used safely.<br>26. Calling yourself "doctor Stallman" and bragging about your phony honorary degree is totally okay.<br>27. Being an old fat sexist Jewish creep and harassing young goyim women is perfectly normal.<br>28. Having net worth of millions of USDs and paying your personal lawyer, Eben Moglen, $281,000 in 2007s money is not an example of corruption and donations mishandling.<br>29. "Everyone who buys a computer should pay x percent of the price as a software tax," which will go straight to the Free Software Foundation. why the hecc is there no multich imageboard http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1620768420 2021-05-11T21:27:00+00:00 2021-05-11T21:27:00+00:00 ? truth truth truth truth truth truth truth truth truth truth http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1620407728 2021-05-07T17:15:28+00:00 2021-05-07T17:15:28+00:00 Education doesn't turn inherently evil people good, it just makes them better at hiding their wickedness, corruption and hypocrisy. True 0chan http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1620302011 2021-05-06T11:53:31+00:00 2021-05-06T11:53:31+00:00 0chan.pl<br>0-chan.ru<br>0chan.hk<br>0chan.ru<br>0chan.hk Ковальчик петух http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1620215772 2021-05-05T11:56:12+00:00 2021-05-05T11:56:12+00:00 Ковальчик пидор blockchain is stupid http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1620181911 2021-05-05T02:31:51+00:00 2021-05-05T02:31:51+00:00 seriously, anyone who tells you that blockchain is the best way to solve a problem is probably on meth. you don't need a fucking blockchain for chatrooms, blogs, whatever. <br><br>Hell, in many use cases, even Activitypub could easily be replaced by RSS/ATOM[1]; <br>to reference some ideas in the article:<br><br>> ATOM is easier to implement <br>> ATOM requires fewer resources<br>> ATOM can be produced/consumed by shell scripts or even text editors <br><br>[1] -- https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18013800 sorry daddy's friends http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1620034186 2021-05-03T09:29:46+00:00 2021-05-03T09:29:46+00:00 daddy's angy<br><br>i lub noobz Cringe posts from Philbook http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1619903680 2021-05-01T21:14:40+00:00 2021-05-01T21:14:40+00:00 https://www.facebook.com/groups/361639734203859/ men are alite human beings http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1619896032 2021-05-01T19:07:12+00:00 2021-05-01T19:07:12+00:00 kiddin ill never supprt men in my threads Holy Text Database http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1619799082 2021-04-30T16:11:22+00:00 2021-04-30T16:11:22+00:00 hi daddy dont get angry plz or i wont wear panties<br><br>dont post unless u got bgi ideas noobz message from gbaldraw.fun http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1619457232 2021-04-26T17:13:52+00:00 2021-04-26T17:13:52+00:00 please use our website. it has cams now. you can create private rooms to have a cam chat just share the link. shout outs to 0chan. Spring 2021 Anime http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1619408199 2021-04-26T03:36:39+00:00 2021-04-26T03:36:39+00:00 Anime of the season - Fumetsu no Anata e<br>Dark, weird, beautiful<br><br>> Download RSS 720p:<br>https://nyaa.si/?page=rss&q=Fumetsu+no+Anata+e+qas+720p&c=0_0&f=0 U.S. military starts Afghanistan withdrawal http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1619395686 2021-04-26T00:08:06+00:00 2021-04-26T00:08:06+00:00 https://www.axios.com/afghanistan-withdrawal-military-biden-ae0f0f96-4382-4a11-86ab-15b8bb8bcd34.html<br><br>Based Biden?<br><br>> What's more: In addition to the 3,500 U.S. troops that will leave the country by mid-September, many of the 7,000 NATO troops stationed in Afghanistan will also withdraw, according to the Times. Happy 4/20! http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1618944049 2021-04-20T18:40:49+00:00 2021-04-20T18:40:49+00:00 Weed, and Hitler, and Columbine, oh my! If Internet Explorer is so bad, why does it come with every http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1617645049 2021-04-05T17:50:49+00:00 2021-04-05T17:50:49+00:00 Well? Reverse Proxy issues http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1617594366 2021-04-05T03:46:06+00:00 2021-04-05T03:46:06+00:00 Hi 0chan<br><br>When I setup a reverse proxy for my multich instance, i set the apache config like this:<br><br><VirtualHost *:80><br> ServerName multich.kuz.lol<br> ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:5000/<br> ProxyPass / http://localhost:5000/<br></VirtualHost><br><br>it works fine for the most part, but when you try to create a new thread it takes you to http://localhost:5000/ instead of the url<br><br>example:<br><br>multich.kuz.lol/create<br>=><br>http://localhost:5000/create<br><br>why? how? <br><br>help<br><br>kthxbai hi http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1617593694 2021-04-05T03:34:54+00:00 2021-04-05T03:34:54+00:00 hello How far are we past the age of tiny websites making it big? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1617592751 2021-04-05T03:19:11+00:00 2021-04-05T03:19:11+00:00 There's obviously sites like D*scord which didn't exist 8 years ago, but most of the WWW is in the hands of corporations that I feel you can't organically make it big as an indie site owner. Thoughts..? cool VR games? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1617541914 2021-04-04T13:11:54+00:00 2021-04-04T13:11:54+00:00 just busted my old VR kit out of storage and dusted it off. what would some cool apps for it be? it's an Oculus Quest 1 so it can have APKs directly installed or it can be tethered with a windows (??) PC. Seems like it shouldn't take too much work to get cool free games working, so I thought I may as well ask multich. worst case I might just try and figure out how to sync it with dolphin or a simular emulator... More multichan servers? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1617524096 2021-04-04T08:14:56+00:00 2021-04-04T08:14:56+00:00 Any other sysadmin nerds out there? Why not host more multichan servers??? Cracky-chan http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1617375353 2021-04-02T14:55:53+00:00 2021-04-02T14:55:53+00:00 she is cute and sweet<br><br>https://cracky-chan.com/<br>https://kamistik.com/<br>https://wish.kamistik.com/<br>https://crackychan.org/<br>https://cracky-chan.tk/ George Floyd trial http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1617125425 2021-03-30T17:30:25+00:00 2021-03-30T17:30:25+00:00 Day 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHPMZvQ38XE<br><br>Opening statements were yesterday. Lunchtime recess now. What are your thoughts on how the trial is proceeding? Do you have any predictions on who will win? Ayashii World Returns! http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1617053565 2021-03-29T21:32:45+00:00 2021-03-29T21:32:45+00:00 Ayashii World is the mother of 2ch, which feels a bit like Twitter or Reddit. <br><br>A bit of background reading on the family of software:<br>http://yotsubasociety.org/ayashii-and-amezou/<br><br>Demo board to play with:<br>http://kolyma.jp/zs/bbs.php?m=tree join my epic chan http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1616874899 2021-03-27T19:54:59+00:00 2021-03-27T19:54:59+00:00 its called 10538352chan and its better than 4chan, 8chan, and *chan combined, it supports free speech and has a /b/ board and banners and everything!! Ganbatte http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1616871061 2021-03-27T18:51:01+00:00 2021-03-27T18:51:01+00:00 Ganbatte is run by a paedophile in a network of chan boards the group go by the name Patch. The end of COVID-19? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1616140801 2021-03-19T08:00:01+00:00 2021-03-19T08:00:01+00:00 How much longer until the "COVID-19" issue is wrapped up, do you think? Vaccines are getting rushed out and it seems like more businesses are re-opening where I live. <br><br>The longer term ramifications of the year we spent in pandemic are hard to estimate; I do predict the housing market to be affected the most. And it seems as though we'll see a shift toward more "work from home" jobs, as well as automation for things like cars, grocery shopping, food production, etc. <br><br>it seems as though the third world will likely face the most long-term ramifications by the disruption of society ... <br><br>I will be attending an anti-lockdown protest meeting today, not because I believe in the cause, but because I'm interested to see the other side of the issue. This incredibly lukewarm lockdown we have in America is also disappointing me, so accelerating the tendencies seems good to me (and I don't believe a one-off peaceful protest will affect the status quo in any meaningful way). help me name my babies http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1615990360 2021-03-17T14:12:40+00:00 2021-03-17T14:12:40+00:00 https://i.imgur.com/potjsmL.jpg im getting a new laptop http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1615810070 2021-03-15T12:07:50+00:00 2021-03-15T12:07:50+00:00 https://www.msi.com/Business-Productivity/Prestige-14-A11X-Pink why does it make 2 threads http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1614558229 2021-03-01T00:23:49+00:00 2021-03-01T00:23:49+00:00 why HTTPS? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1614213308 2021-02-25T00:35:08+00:00 2021-02-25T00:35:08+00:00 I don't know much about the subject, so don't shit on me if this sounds stupid. But why isn't the site HTTPS? Isn't that best for anonyminity and privacy? earth is a trans woman http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1614077497 2021-02-23T10:51:37+00:00 2021-02-23T10:51:37+00:00 https://images.uncyclomedia.co/uncyclopedia/en/e/eb/Phallic_building01.jpg Scientists Achieve Real-Time Communication With Lucid Dreamers in Breakthrough http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1613835177 2021-02-20T15:32:57+00:00 2021-02-20T15:32:57+00:00 > Scientists Achieve Real-Time Communication With Lucid Dreamers in Breakthrough<br>https://www.vice.com/en/article/4admym/scientists-achieve-real-time-communication-with-lucid-dreamers-in-breakthrough<br><br>> “One thing that surprised us is that you could just say a sentence to somebody, and they could understand it just as it actually is,” she added. <br><br>Honestly surprised they're not using tCDS or similar technology. It can be used to induce lucid dreaming [1] and a device can be built for like $10 USD [2]. This is very fascinating news though. It's really amazing how quickly the mysteries of mind have been getting solved!<br><br>[1] - https://spectrum.ieee.org/tech-talk/biomedical/devices/zapping-sleepers-brains-causes-lucid-dreaming<br>[2] - I have built several tDCS/ tACS systems. They are quite simple. society cannot change what's right and w http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1613639608 2021-02-18T09:13:28+00:00 2021-02-18T09:13:28+00:00 for instance<br><br><br>sexual liberation<br><br><br>incest<br><br><br>dont piss me off Based IRC http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1613560882 2021-02-17T11:21:22+00:00 2021-02-17T11:21:22+00:00 irc.rizon.net<br>#ripirc<br>REST IN PEACE IRC (1988-2020)<br>You will be missed<br>irc is dead. #ripirc is just the waiting room. Schizoposters http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1613515221 2021-02-16T22:40:21+00:00 2021-02-16T22:40:21+00:00 There’s been a pretty large uptick in posts with no meaning, does anyone know why this is? wow http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1613468443 2021-02-16T09:40:43+00:00 2021-02-16T09:40:43+00:00 is he proud that he got one girl to obsess over him?<br>the nicer i was to him the more insolent he became<br>he's definitely autistic or evil or retarded<br>he's got so many history with whores and other filthy sins and i never keep bringing it up anymore he already wanted to go to his old habit right away isnt it<br>well this filthy idiot better back off forever him and his stupid shhit he better dont bother me again ever<br>he doesnt believe in the contents of scripture nd dont know it and pretend sicne the first time because he knew im religious<br>and he doesnt pray and never felt bad for what he did<br>he got fkin issues alright how could he think to two time and replace me so easily<br>he was the one who kept provoking fffs<br>and dont even get me started about him making fun of my illness i battled so hard for so long and everybody called me crazy whilei was in intense pain every pore hurted<br>what the fucking fuck i never thought i could be afflicted by a fuckboy why did i hoped so much from him fuck i must be stupid<br><br>not so fast tho mother fucker my words cant afflict me True_Love http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1613394921 2021-02-15T13:15:21+00:00 2021-02-15T13:15:21+00:00 and indeed it is an oath if you could know, most great. aw ure so chut http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1613379553 2021-02-15T08:59:13+00:00 2021-02-15T08:59:13+00:00 so chut<br><br>in hindi chut means pussy 100% effective women empowerment speech http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1612616561 2021-02-06T13:02:41+00:00 2021-02-06T13:02:41+00:00 https://voca.ro/169MDbXuGo6D thank you http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1612602853 2021-02-06T09:14:13+00:00 2021-02-06T09:14:13+00:00 And those who are to their trusts and promises attentive<br><br>They will be in gardens, honored.<br><br>And they who are to their trusts and their promises attentive<br><br>Those are the inheritors<br><br>Who will inherit Paradise. They will abide therein eternally.<br><br><br>70:32 70:35 70:8 70:10 70:11 around http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1612565146 2021-02-05T22:45:46+00:00 2021-02-05T22:45:46+00:00 title for share mind notes,<br>for example: <br>peoples sitting on the web.<br> Congrats, 33chan spammer! http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1612408377 2021-02-04T03:12:57+00:00 2021-02-04T03:12:57+00:00 Your BRILLIANT IDEA to make dozens and dozens of dozens of identical threads promoting your shitty chan site has resulted in me blocking Tor nodes from posting on my multichan servers.<br><br>What were you trying to accomplish? If you want people to visit to your site, that's not how you do it. 33chan http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1612365804 2021-02-03T15:23:24+00:00 2021-02-03T15:23:24+00:00 serch5qqy4wj2ovxdwkrttypsszlhrc25rsdxe7mspkuzk4nxj3vi4ad.onion/ <br>33chan, come over Text Paradise http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1611934958 2021-01-29T15:42:38+00:00 2021-01-29T15:42:38+00:00 Hey guys, I made my own textboard. Would be cool if you could drop by. Thanks!<br><br>https://textparadise.xyz/<br><br>Tor: http://textpd7sjaop2223dfmxplbmrjn4jf2rpt3dzk73w34i3qb7aa77zsid.onion/ stock market hijinks http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1611819787 2021-01-28T07:43:07+00:00 2021-01-28T07:43:07+00:00 $GME first...<br>...Next $NOK? heyuri next gen imageboard soft http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1611649913 2021-01-26T08:31:53+00:00 2021-01-26T08:31:53+00:00 Ideas / discussion for yet another imageboard software. <br><br>Features:<br>- backlinking<br>- catalog<br>- overboards<br>- archiving <br>- RSS<br>- flatfile<br>- moderation Would you rather all users post as "Anon http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1611287435 2021-01-22T03:50:35+00:00 2021-01-22T03:50:35+00:00 Just curious as I am re-writing my own personal from-scratch Anonymous forum and am stuck on the decision if users should all post as the infamous "Anonymous" user or allow them to create their own unique name that will be used with a Tripcode.<br><br>Some could say why not both and I somewhat agree because sometimes you have a lot to say but have input restrictions forcing users to post multiple times. In those cases, allowing the user to have a temporary reserved name gives validity to their posts; they're still Anonymous unless they're stupid and put their real name.<br><br>Thoughts? HAMPSTERDANCE! http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1611010074 2021-01-18T22:47:54+00:00 2021-01-18T22:47:54+00:00 <br>Für alle Katzenfreunde: Kratzbaum für Katzen. <br>Gesunder Schlaf im eigenen Wasserbett. <br>Die Goldmünze Goldeuro Lübeck ist unter Münzsammlern sehr beliebt.<br>Heraeus Silberbarren eignen sich zur Wertanlage.<br>Pfefferspray im Selbsttest - die Jugend von heute Misuse of Israeli Surveillance Tech for http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1610775087 2021-01-16T05:31:27+00:00 2021-01-16T05:31:27+00:00 There is a criminal organization in Brazil using NSO Group's Pegasus to infect devices for hack for hire, to incite terrorism, blackmail people, produce illegal pornography and assist in assassinations. They also have other advanced malware, like UEFI implants and even persistent implants for Kindle and Raspberry Pi. Plus face/voice recognition on every camera and microphone they can get into, in public or private places.<br><br>Brazil won't do anything to stop them. Only the FBI, CIA and NSA can stop them.<br><br>There is also the possibility that they were engaged on the hack of Bezos' smartphone.<br><br>If you know of any security researcher who wants to reverse engineer the exploits they are using, I am more than willing to help them.<br><br>If you want a story about how they operate, I am willing to work with you to expose them. Deriving a Sexual Euphemism http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1610516073 2021-01-13T05:34:33+00:00 2021-01-13T05:34:33+00:00 In this post, I will derive the sexual euphemistic phrase, "She protected the nest," or any similar variation of it.<br><br>First, it must be understood that testicles may be referred to as "eggs," as they resemble bird eggs in shape. The pubic hair surrounding the testicles may be referred to as a "bush," as its dense, stringed form resembles the object; it may also be called a "nest," as it resembles the twigs and material of a bird's nest.<br><br>Because the "eggs," or testicles, reside in the "nest," or area of pubic hair, it can be said that, "The eggs are in the nest."<br><br>The natural instinct of the parent bird is to sit on her eggs, which reside in the warmth of the nest, to incubate them. The bird may also protect the eggs in the nest from predators. Some sex positions, especially the "cowboy" sex position, involve the female moving her rear towards or onto the man's testicles. As the testicles are "eggs" and the area of pubic hair is a "nest," these sexual positions, through simile, resemble the bird sitting on the nest.<br> Secret ♡ http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1610448165 2021-01-12T10:42:45+00:00 2021-01-12T10:42:45+00:00 https://voca.ro/16ghnx2MxkDT<br><br>https://voca.ro/1hne7onBNZ64 Tak polski kontrwywiad obciąga kutasa http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1610403655 2021-01-11T22:20:55+00:00 2021-01-11T22:20:55+00:00 https://eurochan.org/pl/thread/1353685#1353685<br>http://tsubasa.nu/dakanya/ch/index.html<br>https://endchan.org/atenszon/res/87.html<br>https://endchan.org/4/res/20688.html#20701<br>https://endchan.org/atenszon/res/55.html<br>https://endchan.org/atenszon/<br>https://8chan.moe/barndom/res/1.html#<br>http://4usoivrpy52lmc4mgn2h34cmfiltslesthr56yttv2pxudd3dapqciyd.onion/barndom/res/1.html#1<br>http://ninechnjd5aaxfbcsszlbr4inp7qjsficep4hiffh4jbzovpt2ok3cad.onion/solvo/<br>https://prawda2.info/ nice project http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1610028137 2021-01-07T14:02:17+00:00 2021-01-07T14:02:17+00:00 i like it but i dont like the web ui Donald Trump is a big fat loser. http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609996196 2021-01-07T05:09:56+00:00 2021-01-07T05:09:56+00:00 Donald Trump is a loser. His allies are all abandoning him. MAGAs are even more of an international laughingstock, and 4 idiotic boomers died for a larp. <br><br>Can't wait to watch tomorrow's episode of Donald Trump! Why am I so Anti-Animey? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609642045 2021-01-03T02:47:25+00:00 2021-01-03T02:47:25+00:00 I talk about the absolute state of anime and why I am dismissive of them. Are they art? How do they compare to other forms of art like literature or painting? (I am very proud of the Serial Experiments Lain/Sexpunk 1998 thumbnail as well.)<br><br>Are animes a pathetic waste of time or am I antifun? Let's find out!<br>The answer could actually be both.<br>We're going to talk about animes on this video. I'm going to be doing the read the email kinda of video. A lot of people have been talking about anime recently. Rampantly there's this new thing in Linux where the kernel where it's easier to watch anime or something, I don't know anything about it. You'd have to ask someone else. 'Cause I don't care about anime, I don't care about no animes. Actually that's not what's going to be the video about.<br>Why why on so many occasions, speak about animes, speak about animes, explain my point using this email that I got.<br><br>So this email is from Allison: Allison says "In/On setting a good example on zoomers [one of my videos] some of the videos, the hermetic answer on the article on my website, you said something along the lines 'Anime and porn aren't worth spending the time on because they are inert activities that don't give you back-don't give you anything from them.' Which makes no sense. In a comment you also said 'Video consumption [I guess watching videos/Youtube a lot] is also wasteful' which stuck with me because it was very honest, because games are art, it is not worthwhile to spend time with them, for you get nothing in return. But paintings are also art, does this mean it's not worthwhile to spend time with them movies, poems, literature. Or the more kind of art that matters like maybe there's some modernist art with be worthwhile. But then that raises the questions with what criteria is worthwhile watching arch should be." Etc. etc..<br><br>So this brings a good point. This compares Allison as a boy name, in the US it's a girl name, but I'm assuming this is a boy, has some, he has some, um, Portoguese last name. <br>So anime, they're art right? Well first of all, a lot of people are like "Well animes aren't art." But I'm actually cuck out on this and say, yes, animes are art. They'res lot of narrative involved, there's lot of graphical art involved, there's it actually takes a lot to put together an anime, sometimes it's a lot more than than a book. Now there's big corporations that make animes. So if animes are art, why would it be wrong/wasteful to consume that kind of art and not some other kinds of art.<br><br>Now let me give you an example ok. I once had a girldfriend ok. And she is notable because she read hours and hours of, she read these books in the middle of times and stuff. It's like one book hundreds of pages and there's like a bagillion volumes on the series. She was a big fan of Brandon Sanderson ok. Like these kind of books that I have. I have one wheel of time book, back here that I've never read K. It's like this but they're like thirty thousand of them in the series. She loved these stuff, loved these things, she would read lots of them. She would probably ran hours and hours of her life, spent hours of her life reading that kinda of stuff. Um now, that said, she wasn't weird because of it. That is, she didn't uh wanted to escape out unto social things because she wanted be home and read her books. She sorted if she had time she'd open a book and that was it. It wasn't like an addicting thing to her. Now if you asked her about it she'd talk about it, very glowingly about the book she read. But it wasn't even something something she wasn obsessively pushing on everyone. Where I feel like that is much the case in a lot of times with Anime. The one thing about anime that separates them from literature, even the consuming of this kind of literature might be/take the same amount of time, as watching a Corporate list or something like that, depending on how it's/how fast you read it a couple of animes. Uh um so, you know, I don't think it's just the time issue, the issue is more like Anime are crafted now days to be maximally addicting. They are just designed like the moe, and the characters, and the styles of the anime, incentivize you to conspire to incentivize to watch more and more. You have things like Crunchyroll, things like Netflix, that give you achievements to watching minute things in the anime. All of it is just putting you on a big hamster wheel, where you have this illusion of accomplishment where I got to go, you sort of feel like it's your job, like I have to get this done, you know. Uhm, so people will spend more and more time watching these animes not just, mind you it starts "Oh I have some time, let me just watch some anime because I'm bored". But it eventually devolves into "Oh I'm in a social event, oh I'm iat school, oh I'm at church, oh I'm somewhere else, and I'm thinking about watching anime. Where's as I do not feel that that ex girlfriend that I use as an example, I don't feel as 0chan IRC chat room http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609556228 2021-01-02T02:57:08+00:00 2021-01-02T02:57:08+00:00 Hi all, <br>I decided to launch an IRC room for 0chan.vip + the multichan software / network. IRC is a 33 year old chat software that works fairly well. <br>If you don't have a proper IRC client (like Hexchat or mIRC) installed, the web client does fine. <br><br>> Server: <br>irc.rizon.net<br>> Room: <br>#0chan <br>> Web link: <br>https://qchat.rizon.net/?channels=0chan<br><br>Note for new IRC users: <br>Chat rooms do not show previous messages upon joining and can be quiet for long periods of time. IRC users often join multiple chatrooms (called "channels") and then leaving the program running in the background for a while, maybe after sending a few messages. Just a little hint... http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609526448 2021-01-01T18:40:48+00:00 2021-01-01T18:40:48+00:00 As you move through higher dimensions, conceptual motifs that appear chaotic when projected onto the third, second, or first dimension begin to appear more intuitive. OK http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609511403 2021-01-01T14:30:03+00:00 2021-01-01T14:30:03+00:00 Let me be an early adopter. i'm looking for a boufriend http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609485757 2021-01-01T07:22:37+00:00 2021-01-01T07:22:37+00:00 criterion:<br><br>must be big an let me clling onto like baby monkey all the time<br><br>stuff my face like lil baby bitj<br><br>then gona look at potential enemies (suspicicious wemen an burp @ em<br><br>1 foot becuz neb scare the snek (wont do anything that will harm the big guy becus we ar family<br><br>must be vrgin<br><br><br><br>the mutual benefit:<br><br>cute big azz, .. somting The fall of capitalism?? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609385426 2020-12-31T03:30:26+00:00 2020-12-31T03:30:26+00:00 This bothers me, okay, so capitalism will fall and give way to socialism but people are so brainwashed to be anti-communist of leftism in general. They say you can’t kill an idea but I feel like with leftism, it somehow was killed! It’s so backwards too, people describe communism as what happens under literal capitalism, that’s a mind fuck. Argentina legalises abortion in landmark http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609337075 2020-12-30T14:04:35+00:00 2020-12-30T14:04:35+00:00 https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/dec/30/argentina-legalises-abortion-in-landmark-moment-for-womens-rights Techno http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609082402 2020-12-27T15:20:02+00:00 2020-12-27T15:20:02+00:00 Do you like it? How does one sage http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1609052981 2020-12-27T07:09:41+00:00 2020-12-27T07:09:41+00:00 I don't always feel like my contributions are worth aging. I'm not a good poster, to be frank. Anti Gluten freaks need to SHUT UP! http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608874373 2020-12-25T05:32:53+00:00 2020-12-25T05:32:53+00:00 Anti-Gluten has long been coded for "anti-wheat." Now, waves of Anti Gluten Extremists threaten the livelihood of the honest wheat farmer and the merchants who assist him in selling his crop. I have one question for AGE's that might be lurking around here.... so... bread has been here for you and your family for thousands of years, when you've been hungry. Now, who are you to suddenly turn your back on thousands of years of support? You are not just disappointing the farmers, their merchant friends, and your ancestors when you reject Wheat, you are also disappointing Wheat itself. <br><br>Just something for you to think about. Post ITT every time that religion has wronged you http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608775537 2020-12-24T02:05:37+00:00 2020-12-24T02:05:37+00:00 Organized Religion Stole My Foreskin Christian Meta Thread http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608704239 2020-12-23T06:17:19+00:00 2020-12-23T06:17:19+00:00 Figured I'd make a Christian Meta Thread if anyone is interested. We can discuss whatever Christian beliefs you are interested in. If you want to know more about anything specific just ask.<br><br>To kick things off, what do you think about God's relationship to man's free volition, and man's relationship to God's eternal sovereignty? One explanation I head is a diagram I will attempt to describe:<br>Imagine a triangle. On top, God. On the right, the Rich Young Ruler. On the left, the Apostle Paul. God reaches out to the Rich Young Ruler halfway and expects him to meet him there (imagine an arrow drawn halfway to the right corner). The Rich Young Ruler had the potential of being a disciple, replacing Judas perhaps, however he turned away. God reaches out all the way to Paul (imagine an arrow drawn all the way to the left corner, even thru it). He literally knocked him to the ground, blinding him, speaking to him in the Spirit. Who wouldn't believe after this?<br><br>Maybe free will/ God's sovereignty is like this and not so black and white. Anyone like Jazz? http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608619889 2020-12-22T06:51:29+00:00 2020-12-22T06:51:29+00:00 I've been listening to a lot of Ben Webster lately myself. His album with Sweets Edison is a real classic. hot dudes use this website all the time http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608612024 2020-12-22T04:40:24+00:00 2020-12-22T04:40:24+00:00 same http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608600992 2020-12-22T01:36:32+00:00 2020-12-22T01:36:32+00:00 special offer that you won't believe!!! [advertising] [PEP] http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608597254 2020-12-22T00:34:14+00:00 2020-12-22T00:34:14+00:00 Hi I'm Donald Flavenmyer, a representative here at Viagra.<br>Do you need to increase the size of your penis with one simple trick but lack the find to do so?<br>Viagra is here to offer the users of 0chan a apache one time offer! We will fund your penis enlargement program (PEP) on the condition that you eventually pay the loan off using photographs and or videos of the process and your progress to the lonely MILFs near you.<br>Wow! That sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I would act quickly.<br>The offer is available here: https://viagra.com/0chan-special-offer/<br>A happy holiday to every user here from Viagra! can we say balls here http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608592882 2020-12-21T23:21:22+00:00 2020-12-21T23:21:22+00:00 i feel like cqannnot Fun with tags! [Part 2] http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608590537 2020-12-21T22:42:17+00:00 2020-12-21T22:42:17+00:00 Let's make lots of fun new tags for users to post in! I think the tags I've put in this one have some real potential!<br><br>In fact, I think ALL the board ideas from this thread would make for some great tags! http://w2ch.14get.heliohost.org/board/kareha.pl/1327690543/ Retro games http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608416444 2020-12-19T22:20:44+00:00 2020-12-19T22:20:44+00:00 Anyone here into retro games? Lately I've been playing through Gyakuten Kenji 2 (2011). It's a spinoff of the Ace Attorney games where you play as the prosecutor and investigate crime scenes and interrogate witnesses. It's an interesting way to make a mystery game. Cool site http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608276444 2020-12-18T07:27:24+00:00 2020-12-18T07:27:24+00:00 I really like what Im seeing here. Not entirely sure how it all works (where will this post to?). I love seeing people innovate with the basic message board style. I think anonymous discussion still has a very important place in modern society, but that might not be the case if people cant adapt with the times.<br><br>I like that this is a textboard too (at least right now). That means there is a 0% chance of me stumbling on cp spam. Thanks for this, ill be around. styles http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608215512 2020-12-17T14:31:52+00:00 2020-12-17T14:31:52+00:00 dark/tomorrow style when? comfy irc rooms http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608063221 2020-12-15T20:13:41+00:00 2020-12-15T20:13:41+00:00 One interesting room is irc.sageru.org #jp [0] -- it has forced anonymous chat. People are weird but not mean. I also like irc.rizon.net #tinychan [1]. Tinychan [2] is another Anonymous board with an interesting design and lots of activity. <br><br>IRC is sort of like discord, but very simple. It's over 32 years old. These days, it's most often used by programmers and the military, but also draws some users from the gaming, anime, and "chan" communities. <br><br>[0] - https://kiwiirc.com/nextclient/irc.sageru.org/#jp<br>[1] - https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.rizon.net/#tinychan<br>[2] - https://tinychan.net/ Cooking / eating http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608062152 2020-12-15T19:55:52+00:00 2020-12-15T19:55:52+00:00 I'm eating a corndog for a lunch snack! And I think I'll fix a steak tonight for dinner. <br><br>What foods do you like? Try out any new recipes lately? Life in coronavirus http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608062009 2020-12-15T19:53:29+00:00 2020-12-15T19:53:29+00:00 Life in coronavirus... is not so different for me or most of my friends. We're about 9 months into lockdown now. Most of my friends are NEET or work low-skill service jobs (gas station, fast food, grocery store). We spend the majority of our time at home anyway. The people I know who lost their jobs are making more on unemployment than they made working; it feels <br><br>Maybe the aspect of life that's most challenging is going on dates. <br><br>How has coronavirus / the lockdown affected your life? Switched servers http://0chan.vip/threads/local/1608015553 2020-12-15T06:59:13+00:00 2020-12-15T06:59:13+00:00 Unfortunately, all the old threads are lost. <br><br>Fortunately, I was able to set up a new multich in about 3 minutes. Hello world http://0chan.vip/threads/local/0 1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 1970-01-01T00:00:00+00:00 Hello world