Why am I so Anti-Animey?

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#1 )) Name: Not Luke Smith @ 2021-01-03 02:47

I talk about the absolute state of anime and why I am dismissive of them. Are they art? How do they compare to other forms of art like literature or painting? (I am very proud of the Serial Experiments Lain/Sexpunk 1998 thumbnail as well.)

Are animes a pathetic waste of time or am I antifun? Let's find out!
The answer could actually be both.
We're going to talk about animes on this video. I'm going to be doing the read the email kinda of video. A lot of people have been talking about anime recently. Rampantly there's this new thing in Linux where the kernel where it's easier to watch anime or something, I don't know anything about it. You'd have to ask someone else. 'Cause I don't care about anime, I don't care about no animes. Actually that's not what's going to be the video about.
Why why on so many occasions, speak about animes, speak about animes, explain my point using this email that I got.

So this email is from Allison: Allison says "In/On setting a good example on zoomers [one of my videos] some of the videos, the hermetic answer on the article on my website, you said something along the lines 'Anime and porn aren't worth spending the time on because they are inert activities that don't give you back-don't give you anything from them.' Which makes no sense. In a comment you also said 'Video consumption [I guess watching videos/Youtube a lot] is also wasteful' which stuck with me because it was very honest, because games are art, it is not worthwhile to spend time with them, for you get nothing in return. But paintings are also art, does this mean it's not worthwhile to spend time with them movies, poems, literature. Or the more kind of art that matters like maybe there's some modernist art with be worthwhile. But then that raises the questions with what criteria is worthwhile watching arch should be." Etc. etc..

So this brings a good point. This compares Allison as a boy name, in the US it's a girl name, but I'm assuming this is a boy, has some, he has some, um, Portoguese last name.
So anime, they're art right? Well first of all, a lot of people are like "Well animes aren't art." But I'm actually cuck out on this and say, yes, animes are art. They'res lot of narrative involved, there's lot of graphical art involved, there's it actually takes a lot to put together an anime, sometimes it's a lot more than than a book. Now there's big corporations that make animes. So if animes are art, why would it be wrong/wasteful to consume that kind of art and not some other kinds of art.

Now let me give you an example ok. I once had a girldfriend ok. And she is notable because she read hours and hours of, she read these books in the middle of times and stuff. It's like one book hundreds of pages and there's like a bagillion volumes on the series. She was a big fan of Brandon Sanderson ok. Like these kind of books that I have. I have one wheel of time book, back here that I've never read K. It's like this but they're like thirty thousand of them in the series. She loved these stuff, loved these things, she would read lots of them. She would probably ran hours and hours of her life, spent hours of her life reading that kinda of stuff. Um now, that said, she wasn't weird because of it. That is, she didn't uh wanted to escape out unto social things because she wanted be home and read her books. She sorted if she had time she'd open a book and that was it. It wasn't like an addicting thing to her. Now if you asked her about it she'd talk about it, very glowingly about the book she read. But it wasn't even something something she wasn obsessively pushing on everyone. Where I feel like that is much the case in a lot of times with Anime. The one thing about anime that separates them from literature, even the consuming of this kind of literature might be/take the same amount of time, as watching a Corporate list or something like that, depending on how it's/how fast you read it a couple of animes. Uh um so, you know, I don't think it's just the time issue, the issue is more like Anime are crafted now days to be maximally addicting. They are just designed like the moe, and the characters, and the styles of the anime, incentivize you to conspire to incentivize to watch more and more. You have things like Crunchyroll, things like Netflix, that give you achievements to watching minute things in the anime. All of it is just putting you on a big hamster wheel, where you have this illusion of accomplishment where I got to go, you sort of feel like it's your job, like I have to get this done, you know. Uhm, so people will spend more and more time watching these animes not just, mind you it starts "Oh I have some time, let me just watch some anime because I'm bored". But it eventually devolves into "Oh I'm in a social event, oh I'm iat school, oh I'm at church, oh I'm somewhere else, and I'm thinking about watching anime. Where's as I do not feel that that ex girlfriend that I use as an example, I don't feel as

#2 )) Name: part 2 @ 2021-01-03 02:58

I she was like "oh I gotta get home and read my books." Like it never came up. Like I knocked on her door, it's not that kind of thing that takes over your life. Even if it is an equivalent of time, if you happen to have more time, and you read literature, I don't feel like it's adddictive the same way. Same thing, other kinds of art you know, paintings stuff like that, take a painting, if you take some kind of simple form of art ok, look there's a work of art, that's pretty, you've now enjoyed this. You might enjoy the deep layers in here, there might be like subtext to this painting, but it does not take hours and hours to aconsummately enjoy a painting or something like that; or even a movie. And I think anime um, anime especially, same thing has happened with television ok. It used to be back in the day decades ago, um, that if you had an anime, or television, it was a very small thing. You had astro boy. Astro boy is only going to be so addictive, I'm sure there are people who love astro boy and watched it it all the time, or are addicted to it functionally. But it has nothing on kind of anime now days that are designed around your psychology to get you thinking about them to get you laying in your bed at night thinking about the mechanics of an anime.

I remember one time in college, there was some period of where me and my roomate, uh, we were playing, like what is it, like fallout 3, which was sorta like a sucky game. But we played so much like day in and day out for like a full weekend and them some, and then we finally left the room, you like forget that you're not in the game, you're like "I gotta drink from this, does it have radioation?" You know, you, it takes over your brain in a way that um uh you that a anime can. And animes as time has gone on, have become more like that, they suck more and more of you, they're time sinks time vampires, they're taking more and more of you. Same thing is true of television actually because television gives you used to be a thing "oh you know here my boomer family are gonna turn on the tube and watch a show because we're too too akward to talk to each other during dinner ok." And that was it. That's as bad it got. Now days here Netflix leases this television show as 20 episodes, each of them are movie lengthened, half a movie quality, and they are engrossing, and there are people watching all, they "binge watch them" all in a big row. It's something that sucks up your life for a lot of the times. Now uh, I don't think television is quite as addicting as anime frankly because I don't really see uh you know many people like are "oh gotto get home and watch my show," I'm sure that happens ok. If you are really engrossed in it, but anime's just seems a little worse. That's just my opinion. Uh at the least, I shouldn't say my opinion, it's what I observed in my life and in other people's life. So I definitely feel like maybe has definitely has more claws on people now a times now a days because it's more it's basically psychologically designed to take more and more of you with each passing year. They get better and better with what they're supposed to do. So what ends up happening is you know they're no longer invested in their actual life. They are more invested in this anime or something else and you know from me even if you are I could even look at an anime "oh wow this is very well done, the plot is brilliant, the graphics great, wow it is a work of art in fact." Even the the psychological manipulation of it is appreciable wow. They did so good in that. Um but a, it's just not kind of thing um that you know, I just don't feel right about it. I can't I think uh something that you have to able, you have to treat it like sacred, you have to sort of be careful around it. Because it's one of those things that's gonna manipulate you.

So um, that's my opinion on anime and you know in a social event if I'm in a party and people are playing like super smash brothers or something like that, I'm not gonna be like "oh I'm against video games, because I'm not gonna play'em." But it's one of those things that's a severe opportunity cost I wish I could have all those years back frankly of playing video games. I wish I could have all the time back. But I never will. And you know again one of the best assets to have in your live is just be bored for a little bit. Because when you are bored, you start playing with things, you start fixing things, you start accomplishing things. You know boredom inspires you to do that better than you know just latching unto whatever media consumption you do. So that's why that's my opinion on anime ok. I just, hopefully I clarified some of that.

#3 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-01-03 10:24

didnt read lol

#4 )) Name: Terry Davis @ 2021-01-03 20:52

Is that the entire script to his video? Besides that though, this pasta could use some sage.

#5 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-01-04 06:48

Left a few words here and there, but so long as the message gets across, I'm satisfied.
I could have summed up the entire rant to these words:
"Be careful you don't lose yourself in the endless distractions of life."
I'm enlightened enough to know life itself follows the hedonist lifestyle to give a shit.

#6 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-04-05 01:34

>- Serial Experiments Lain
i don't think SEL is deep at all, I think it's just a glowing semi-enjoyable turd from the 2000s.


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