Sharing source code?

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#1 )) Name: 0chan.vip admin @ 2021-04-29 06:02 🌎 finns

cool tweaks to the software: purple background, Finnish language, etc. can you share your source or patch file? what other changes did you make, and do you plan to make more?

feel free to join our chat @ irc.rizon.net #0chan :-)

love, 0chan.vip admin <3

#2 )) Name: Anonymous @ 2021-04-29 19:24 🌎 finns

this current one is just something tweaked during a night of tweaking, we set up a gitea for fork development of an eventual proper release: http://git.l2lkxx6dhhe6o6pkxj6m2nrdtmekmxoeunuklrkayolfqkjgz53rzbad.onion/palanut/Kansanlauta/src/branch/piilodev

but it is progressing slowly mainly worked on by one volunteer whos leaning towards rewriting the whole thing... as if anyone here was ever going to finish anything...

but we are also ideating new features and services like perhaps a fork of 0x0.st that stores files only for 1h-1d max with a neuralnet library to autoremove any imagine with a human on it, dont know if such a library exists and it of course should still allow anime images...
also it would be nice to eventually add some kind of admin defined "metatags" or groupings by which to order the tag list and also groupings for other boards eventually when theres more boards to federate, like groupings by language or groupings for onionboards...

u r also free to join the irc server on this onion address at 6667 where we are on the channel #piilo and of course the XMPP service at 5222 is open registration

#3 )) Name: english @ 2021-04-30 00:37 🌎 finns

thanks for sharing, joined #eng and #multich on the network, as well as #piilo


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